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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv

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Has this actually had a response from Samsung yet? Too many people with the same issue

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I thought it was me. Glad to know I’m not completely crazy. Samsung where are you with a fix?

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Well, after months of shutting the TV off, seeing the sound bar turn off, then waiting 10 seconds, seeing the sound bar turn on, turning on the TV, waiting for it to sync, then turning everything off, just for both the bar and tv to be on the same schedule......[deep breath]


......the sound bar doesn’t sync at all anymore. I can’t even find Bluetooth on my phone. I now have one long skinny paperweight and a big boxy one (wireless sub). 


I knew going in there hat samsung had problems. Never would’ve guess I’d end up with something this bad. 


falcone, oddly i think i got the fix you need. it will get you back to on off issues as the rest of us. you should press the play/pause button for 5 seconds, while your on TV mode of course. this should delete your connection to the tv altogether allowing you to connect again. hope it will work, and that samsung fix the ***** on off issue already...

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Same issue, unbelievable so many people with the problem and no fix from Samsung!

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I'm going to try the social media route. Sometimes large companies are quite responsive on Twitter. Sometimes not. Worth a shot. #samsungsoundbar
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Excellent idea, I just tweeted.

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Btw, few days ago it started working again magicaly... Dont know if there was a new update. Now turning on my Samsung TV will turn on the sound bar automaticaly. I havent changed anything in the settings, or at least not aware about changing anything.

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Not mine. Glad you are having success though.

Mine is working now. Not sure when it did, as so used to switching on the soundbar with the remote, but came on immediately when tried moments ago. Maybe they have pushed out an update. Well done if so.

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