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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv

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HDMI-ARC suddenly stopped working yesterday (3/25/2019). HDMI is no longer detected. Tried resetting TV and soundbar, unplugging everything, etc. -- no joy. Trying the social media route to see if I can get a response from Samsung but certainly not expecting much. Based on the 12 pages of comments on this thread, it is clear they just don't care about their customers.
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Heard there was an update this morning so I checked via the TV and it said I was up to date. Then someone said it's on the website so I checked and there indeed was an update for my 8000 series. Downloaded it to USB and installed. After nearly 4 months of being not working right, my soundbar is now turning in and off with my TV again as it should! I think I may turn off auto update or even disconnect internet from the TV so this can't happen again. I don't use any of the smart features, I have external devices for streaming.


I hope you all with other models get an update soon!

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TV was updated today but did not fix the soundbar problem. Hopefully soon.


No update yet for the UE55K6000AU (not visible for some reason in the English site, I guess it is not a global model).

the issue remains. 

please, Samsung, allow a temporary roll back to previous versions for the time being, why are you guys so stubborn??


Worked all of a sudden yesterday when I got home, today it doesn't work. Hmmm....

Same. Worked yesterday (AM), but not working by the evening. Not sure why or what is happening. No apparent update on my TV. This is taking far too long as the last update was on 27th Nov 2018, which I think is when it all went wrong. Samsung - what are you doing?


Now it works again ?!?...

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I found that if you turn on the tv and then the sound bar, press and hold the Bluetooth power button on the sound bar remote and it should reconnect and turn on with your tv again

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 Thank you. This has solved the problem so far

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I’ve only had the tv and soundbar for 3 months and I think it only worked for the first couple of weeks.  Very frustrating, as one of the great features was only having to use the the one Smart remote. Doesn’t seem very smart to me. 

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