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Soundbar no longer turns on with tv


Not tried yet. But seems to be so.
At Samsung's TV manuals & download (8000 series), it's firmaware version 1232.4, March 26, 2019!

- Improved usability
1. Improved browser performance
2. Improved app performance
3. Improved stability
4. Improved usability of input devices
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It seeems that my series 7 TV  will have to wait a bit more... maybe FOREVER


(KS7500 user here with the same problem, and very angry because of the Soundbar issue and no Homekit support)

As i wrote, Manual download, for - Model : KS8000, KS800D, KS8500, KS850D, KS9000, KS900D, KS9500, KS950D, KS9800, KS9810, KU7000, KU700D, KU7500, KU750D
Not at home can't test if TV auto update.

Mine is an UE49K8000 and works (twice now). The version number does not appear to have changed on the TV, and soundbar not connected to the internet, however, something must have changed.

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Sorry I meant 7500

Sadly nothing on the website suggests a change for the 6000 series! Will check when I get home...

Now it doesn't work. Don't know what's going on.


Don't worry neither does Samsung by the looks of it. No update for K5600 btw I just checked online


Nope - no update for me (6000 series). Hopefully it’s just a staggered rollout.

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