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Soundbar Connection



Just purchased  a soundbar and connected it via HDMI to my MU6470 TV.

With this connection have I to connect via Bluetooth as well?

If this is the case then HDMI (ARC) doesnt seem to work.

Only HDMI 3 Port is labelled ARC on back of TV which I have the Soundbar connected thru.

Now when I turn TV off and back on again with Universal Remote.. Soundbar is disconnected from TV and it's back to TV Speakers..

Any assistance would be great.



@Gerrymac: HDMI ARC is the way to go if you're using an HDMI cable to connect the sound bar, although you might also want to consider an Optical connection. Once connected, go to Home > Settings > Sound > Sound Output, and select the sound bar from the list of options (if applicable). If the TV continues to default back to the on board speakers, try powering the sound bar off and on after you switch on your TV. If the issue persists, please can you confirm the model number of your sound bar and I will look into this further for you.

Hi Andrew,

Set Up is..

HDMI 1...Humax Box

HDMI 2...Blueray Player

HDMI 3 (ARC)...Soundbar.

Through Set Up again I got the option to connect Home Theatre via Humax.With this I.m now getting audio thru Humax and Blueray player..(Receiver HDMI showing when adjust volume)

Soundbar does not connect with Live TV..So with this all HDMI cables are compatible

It,s a Sharp HT-SB140

Will have a better play tomorrow at it.

Other sound settings..PCM or Bitstream ??

No change while watching Live TV. Humax only used to record and view..Now my next question is to connect soundbar with Live TV or can this be done?



Just an update on the above..

When I select Live TV..I go to Settings and select Receiver (HDMI)..Both TV Speakers and  Audio Out/Optical(no sound) are there too.

Sound is now through the Sound Bar but when I change channels I lose the soundbar and the Universal Remote does not control any sounds.

Switching the Sound bar Off and On..the sound comes through the Soundbar.

In Expert Serrings..HDMI Input Audio Format and Digital Output Audio Format are both set to PCM.

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