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Sound drops off

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Hi all. 

Very frustrated with my soundbar  Hwj6500. 

Bought a while ago and sound would intermitadley start lagging behind the picture on my Samsung TV ue48ju6500k  They were connected via bluetooth. I purchased an optical cable and the problems get worse. 

Now the soundbar will intermitadley not allowing me to adjust the volume via the remote or even the buttons on top of that unit. It will allow me to put the bar in standby but no action on the volume buttons. Only a wall reset will fix this. 

Also can no longer control the volume with the TV remote as I could when they were connected via bluetooth. 

Also the anynet+ option doesn't seem to work. From what I read the option allows the soundbar to go into standby when the TV is switched to standby but nothing. 


Any help with any of this to save my sanity?? 


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