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Series 7 Soundbar HW-H751/XY

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Hi all,

Still in love with this peice of Samsung 'valvestate' history, (reminders of Lenard, Goldentone & Marshall power amps of the 60's) does everything I need & then some, but lately, after an hour or so of being powered on, we have these drop outs. Sound simply drops out for a few seconds ... not so often initially but repeatedly after a while. Not a regular timed interruption, it varies between drop outs which makes me believe it's something analogue.

Initially though it was buffering issues with the optic fibre service

Started with streaming music, then vids .. then free to air Teev. 

I've shut everything down & cold booted. Checked all the connections. Disconnected all periperals. Bios/ updates appear to be up to date, it's on auto by default anyways.

Given I'm now a self funded retiree, read not so well off,  cannot really afford to splash out $1500 ++ for a newbie.

The newish VA55NU8000, 4K uktra HD, still under warranty teev didn't cost that !!

Any thoughts ?

Replacement valves may be a problem ?


Hi @Ivorytickler 


It may be worth having a word with your nearest Samsung approved Service Centre for further advice on this. You can find them here by selecting 'TV & AV' and then entering your postcode.


Hope this helps!

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