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Samsung soundar isn't powering on/off with the TV remote

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I have the following:

  • TV: Samsung 55MU6102
  • soundbar: Samsung HW-K360/EN, 130W

I have connected the two of them with a digital optic cable and set the soundbar to D.IN.


My problem is that the soundbar doesn't power on or off automatically when I turn on or off the TV.

The volume of the soundbar is controlled by the TV remote (even though the volume doesn't display at all on the TV, just on the soundbar).


Any tips on what should I do?



@ericmita: To enable Auto Power Link please press and hold the left arrow '<' on the soundbar remote for around 5 seconds. With the device connected to your TV via Optical cable, and the source set to D:IN, this should power on the soundbar when you turn on the TV. Please be aware however that Auto Power Link only works when powering on the TV, and won't power off the soundbar when you switch off the TV. Hope this helps.
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I already did what you said, but still not working.


And there is no way to power on/off the soundbar with the tv remote?


Situation: Samsung tv and Samsung soundbar connected with HDMI arc anynet+ (no bluetooth in my setup)


Problem: suddenly the soundbar won’t turn on when i turn on tv. This appears «out of the blue»


Solution: On the Samsung tv, choose «TV» as Source - a blue checkmark appears showing that the current source is tv. Now use tv as normal and soundbar turns on with tv. This fixed the problem immediately.


Please try all options cited by the components of the Community and let us know if you continue with problems please, choose as fixed if work 

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