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Samsung TV to Samsung soundbar with ARC - not working


@Murray89 wrote:

Hello. I am hoping some of you could maybe help with an issue I am having. I have a samsung UE55MU9000 tv and have just purchased the HW-N850 sound bar. I have set it up as it says in the manual but I am having a few issues. Firstly the arc doesn’t seem to work, not sure if this is why I am having issue 2. I have sky hdmi out going to hdmi 1 on sound bar, hdmi out (arc) on sound bar going to hdmi 4(arc) in on the one connect box for tv. It won’t show tv arc on sound bar and I have to change sound bar to hdmi 1 to get sound and sky to come on tv, Maybe this is correct but it’s not what the book says. The manual says sound bar source should be on and it will say tv arc.

Issue 2 is the the sound bar auto turns off when I switch off tv and sky however when I turn on tv it doesn’t come on. As I have sky wired to bar then to tv (for Dolby Atmos reasons) it means the tv says no signal until I turn the bar on. Annoying as it means I need to turn the bar on every time. 


I can’t use optical cable for sound bar which would give me the auto link function as then I won’t get Dolby Atmos. It auto switches off so surely should auto on. Is there something I am missing. Any net + is switched on. 


Thanks in advance for anyone’s help. 


I had the same issue with my QF9 and hw-n850. 


Try the following:

Connect one connect box and sound bar via ARC at each end.

Sky and anything else requiring atmos directly into sound bar.


Program sky remote for sound bar and tv.

Turn system on:

Hold down power button on sky for a few seconds.  Tv will turn on and then press the sky button on remote to turn on sky and sound bar.


Turn off system:

Hold down power button on sky remote.



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Thank you all for your quick reply’s. Nash76 I have tried as you said and it’s still not working. As it’s the sky q remote it doesn’t have tv button on remote, it just just the same on/button for sky and tv but sky you just press and tv you hold for a few seconds. It just turns on tv and sky but not soundbar however last night I turned on sky and tv and the bar came on, I turned it off and it all went off then tried again and it didn’t work! Will just have to stick to 2 remotes i think. Thanks again. 



You need to use the Bluetooth remote as it supports the sound bar the standard sky q remote does not.  Let me know how you get on. 

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Hi. It is the Bluetooth touch remote as my q box is in a cupboard. Tried another remote but the same. Just doesn’t seem to turn on the soundbar. 


Did the Sky Q remote pick up the sound bar in the sky remote control settings? It took a few goes before I got the tv and sound bar to work in the sky settings. Let sky q find the devices rather than stated which ones.

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@Nash76 concerning solution "unplug HDMI and identify the one who's creating conflict with the sounbar arc".


Thanks a lot! Solved my problem (Nintendo switch HDMI probably). Although i Didn't need the adapter. Juste changed the HDMI from second place to third place and for now it works just fine. Thanks again!

Your welcome
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Optical cable will not carry Dolby atmos, I have Samsung n950 and connect xbox 1x and Apple TV directly to soundbar then soundbar to Samsung one box and it works perfectly.

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been told by richer sounds appointed engineer software update issue phoned samsung support they can't fix either advised me to go back to richer sounds with samsung ref no.? same probs as every one else i have Qled with new samsung sounbar MS550 think i'd like money back. I knew i should have stayed with Panasonic!


My case:
I have Samsung UE65MU7002, Samsung bd h6500, Onkyo TX-RZ830, nvidia shield TV, PS3, VU+ solo 4K.
Everything connected to Onkyo with HDMI 2.1 cables - used as a central unit for home cinema 5.1.4 (optical connection is not for me)
Anynet is getting off randomly every 2-3 days. I call Samsung support for 3 times - they sent to me service guy. He tryed many "experiments", but without succes.
I know that man personally, and he told me off the record, how Samsung solves problems - if they can't easily solve it, they will accept the incompatibilityas a cause and turn it off in the firmware without the customer's knowledge (even Samsung devices - TV and soundbar).
For the year and half what I have this TV, no new firmware with the solution. How I read this topic a lot of us have the same problem with different types TV.
SAMSUNG's official response (thru e-mail) was - device incompatibility.
For me this was my last SAMSUNG device in my life.
They give promises in the catalog and problems in real use.

Home appliances:
3pcs AR9..., UE65MU7002, BD-H6500, UE46F6510, Galaxy A50.....
(Onkyo TX-RZ830, TX-NR-709 and 701, NVIDIA Shield, VU+ SOLO 4K, PS3...)
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