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Samsung TV/BR and HDCP question

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Hi all, 


new to the the forum and struggling a bit with my new setup. 


Have NU7300 tv mated with an M9000 UHD BR player and a HW-M4500 soundbar. 


I have the BR plugged into the tv via the sound bar as that’s what I’d read gives best sound quality. Sound bar is connected to the tv via HDMI 1 as that is the ARC port on my tv.


All connections have a decent HDMI cable and the HDR is enabled on all ports. 


Im finding that when I try to play a 4K BR I’m getting the message saying either the display device or component doesn’t support HDCP 2.2 even thought all components support it (from what I’ve found online). 


Has as anyone got any ideas or is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing?


Potentially is the fact the BR is plugged into the sound bar what is causing my problem? 





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