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Samsung SWA 9000’s suddenly not working

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I’ve had the Samsung SWA 9000’s now for about a month along with my HWMS650 soundbar, all had been working fine up until tonight when all of a sudden the rear speaker kit just stopped working. Tried every troubleshooting I can find in the manuals and on the net but to no avail. The speakers play briefly for literally 1-2 seconds then sound is lost again. According to the wireless hub on the speaker kit I’ve got the blue light for a link but after trying everything I’m kind of giving up hope on the thing now. 

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Can anyone help please , I've got the 650 sound bar and I've bought the 9000s rear speaker kit, got it home, got it connected and it was great, then went to bed got up and I've had nothing but a red light since, I'm raging, all that money for something that is so temperamental.

I've always had my TV connected through HDMI so it's not a connection problem that way like some of the problems on here.

I've reset everything and connect bit as soon as the sound bar and tv are turned off it disconnects, close to going back for a refund

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