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Samsung Radiant R3, connected only by Bluetooth, do I use Samsung Multiroom app?

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Hi Members

I've just got a new Samsung Radiant R3 Bluetooth wireless speaker


I don't have a home Wifi router internet connection, I only have a mobile 3G connection thay I have through my  Samsung Note 9 phone.


If I'm connected to the Samsung R3 by bluetooth, is there any need to run the android Samsung  Multiroom app, will I get any extra features to control the R3, or is the app only useful if your on  a Wifi connection for say Spotify or want to connect to more than one speaker.


Will I have more speaker function controls running the app via BT


Thanks for any help.



AndrewL Moderator
@liviococcia: As far as I know you do require a secure WiFi connection in order to connect a speaker to the Multiroom app, as the official guide does not mention Mobile Data as a viable option: Not to worry though, you can tap the 'Mode' button on the speaker to enable a Bluetooth connection with your phone - please be aware that the speaker may show up as 'Samsung Wireless Audio' in your available devices list.
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Thanks AndrewL, I though maybe by not running the app I might be missing out on any control features of the R3, like different sound modes ie classic, Rock, jazz or controlling treble or bass.

But from my understanding from your reply is that the app is only for connecting via multiple speakers, or using internet streaming providers.

So there's no point running the app while I'm in Bluetooth connectivity mode.

Thanks again, regards
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