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Samsung HW-N850 soundbar has issues

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Hello, I recently purchased this soundbar and I have had nothing but difficulties. 


1. The sound cuts off whenever it feels like.


2. When I pause a video on the blu ray player, the soundbar changes to the TV not to HDMI1. 


Installation. The cables are all HDMI 2.1 8k cables so they are fast enough to deal with the connectivity.  The ARC soundbar is connected to the ARC on the Samsung TV the model code for the TV is UE50NU7470.


The video from the Panasonic ultra player is the HDMI from video to TV. Then the audio to the Soundbar.  When the sound works it's amazing. But when pausing the video the soundbar changes to TV ARC I need to mess around to get the soundbar to HDMI1


Then when the sound does play it states HDMI1 but sometimes I get no sound. I have to take out the tray on the blu ray ultra, then insert it back again. It's not really practical. If anyone can advice that be great. 


Many thanks 


Have a great day


Hi @Kingy 


We're sad to hear of the issues you've been having with your Soundbar. Did you manage to find a resolution to any of the problems you were experiencing?

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Hi ChrisM,

I been looking at other users from Samsung and what I understood what I am experiencing is that Samsung won't fix this issue and they know this issue but there is nothing anyone can do about it. It's a common problem apparently. Having spent a fortune on a TV, soundbar system and blu ray ultra player the best thing for Samsung to do is to come up with a fix. It's so annoying when the soundbar goes from HDMI to TV ARC on it's own because the TV allows it to do this due to the TV ARC. But the TV ARC is needed so this is all Samsung fault. If I knew this I wouldn't have purchased the TV or soundbar.  


I wanted to hear what a movie sounded like before I purchased the soundhar, I was told and I quote "we can't do that because we don't have the facility." I only listened to the bluetooth music I was impressed that was when I bought it.  I was told and I quote "This is the best soundbar you have got and I know you be happy." When it works without changing channels it's good quality sound. But it has moments where it decides to cut sound off or that the channel switches. Am I really happy? No but what can I do? As apparently it's not actually faulty as such. 

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