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Samsung HW-K450 soundbar speaker problems

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Hi! I think I may have found a simple fix to everyone’s dilemma. The issue isn’t Samsung’s fault or anyone’s for that matter. The issue is with the device you’re connecting to the soundbar via Bluetooth (specifically phones/tablets/iPads). If the device’s volume is at its peak the soundbar will crackle! I had a phone that was a couple of years old so the volume was not as good as it was when the phone was new. I recently got a new phone and the volume was better because it had never been used. As soon as I got the new phone my soundbar began to crackle. Now I had recently purchased the soundbar so I returned it to the store (because I believed the soundbar had gone bad within a few days). I even exchanged it for a better Samsung soundbar and the crackling still happened! I was pissed! But then I thought about it, and I simply turned the volume down by a single notch and it’s been perfect ever since! I’ve had it for over a month now and I’ve tested it and it only crackles at the phone’s peak volume! So turn the device’s volume down by one notch and adjust the volume on the speaker instead! Such a simple fix for a (what seemed like complicated problem). I created a profile just to tell everyone about it. I hope this helps you all!

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