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Samsung BD-F6500 Blu-ray Player sound drop outs when playing Deep Water Horizon (Lionsgate Discs)

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I'm getting sound drop outs when playing my Deep Water Horizon Blu-ray disc.


I've been told it's a problem with Lionsgate discs as they are using a strange disc encoding system to try to prevent pirating.


The disc plays fine in my other player which is a Panasonic DMP-BDT500.


This would indicated that the BD-H6500 needs a firmware update to fix this issue.


Can you please look into this issue?

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I've tried to send an email direct to Technical Support but it won't go through as I need to put my model number in but the form won't let me change the default setting of "null".

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We can take a screenshot of this thread and send it to our Tech Support colleagues for you. Is there any other technical-related info you’d like to add for them?


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Please do.


I got my Blu-ray model number wrong.

It's BD-F6500 and I already have the latest Firmware which came out in 2015.


I think it needs a new firmware update.

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  • Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
  • Press the LEFT ARROW until you select the SETUP icon.
  • Press the DOWN ARROW until you find the option called SCREEN SETTINGS.
  • Select each of the following options and turn the setting OFF: BD-ROM 24p Output, DVD-ROM 24p Output and HDMI Deep Color Output.
  • Go back to the SETUP menu and select AUDIO SETTINGS.
  • Select DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT and change setting to PCM.
  • Select each of the following options and turn the setting OFF: BD AUDIO MIX SETTING, DOLBY D
  • Select DOWNMIX and change option to STEREO.
  • Turn off your Blu-ray player for 1 minute and turn it back on.
  • Try playing any content.

If above method is not useful to you then check Samsung BD-F6500 Manual for help. 

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I'll give it a try.

I found a much more simpler solution though.
The disc plays perfectly in my Panasonic Panasonic dmp-bdt500 blu-ray player.
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