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QE65Q90RATXXU and HW-Q80R soundbar not connecting


I ordered the above TV and soundbar direct from Samsung on 27/10/19.  I have only recently started using these 2 items in the last week as I was waiting for my living room to be decorated before setting these 2 up.


Basically the soundbar does not consistently connect to the television via HDMI ARC - If I turn the TV off at night and come back in the morning usually the soundbar will not be connected to the TV but very occasionally it will appear in the sound settings on the TV and work.


The soundbar also does not show on the wifi option in sound settings on the TV (Although I want to use ARC for Dolby ATMOS anyway).


I have updated the firmware of both the TV and soundbar via a USB drive - From reading on the forums there is a known incompatibility issue between the Q90 TV and the HW-Q80R and HW-Q90R soundbars.


I have tried different HDMI cables, unplugging the TV from the wall, unplugging the soundbar etc. but it never consistently connects.


Is there anything more I can do?


Thank you for any help you can provide in advance.

CarloL Moderator

Hey @ManiacBart! Are you still having issues with this? If so, try giving a call to the AudioVisual team: 0333 000 0333. They will be happy to help .


Hi Carol thanks for the response.


Samsung think it's a faulty soundbar and it has been collected for repair on 31/12 so fingers crossed this issue can be sorted - Judging from the amount of comments on this same issue from others it would however seem unlikely to me that there is a physical fault with the soundbat but fingers crossed!


Pretty frustrating that seeing as I ordered from Samsung direct that they couldn't just replace with a new one and wanted to send it in for repair.


Anyway hopefully the problem can be sorted!

CarlH Moderator

Fingers crossed, @ManiacBart!


Did you ever get this sorted? 

I have a Q85R TV and Q80R soundbar and I have a similar problem if my PS4 is plugged in, it blocks the ARC handshake. No solution yet other than to unplug the PS4 when switching everything on, waiting until ARC connects then plug the PS4 back in.

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