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Poor bass sound from SWA-W700


Hi All,


I am getting very poor bass from my SWA-W700 subwoofer.  I have it connected to a Hw-MS550 sound bar.

I have downloaded the Samsung app and updated the software on the soundbar.

I do get bass comimg from the sub but it is very weak.  I have increased the bass with the remote to +6.


I tried a Dolby Surround Test I found on YouTube.  When I was supposed to hear from the subwoofer there was nothing but I could hear a faint rumbling at other times.


I have tried playing music direct from my iPhone using both the wifi network and Bluetooth but still nothing more than a gentle rumble.


Any other suggestions?

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ChrisM Moderator

Hi @DerbyLad.


When did you buy the speaker and where did you buy it from? Has it ever worked correctly?


Hi Chris,


I bought the speakers in March 2018 from John Lewis but I've only recently started to use them.

I also have a HW-Ms550 sound bar

They are not hooked up to a TV, I'm just using them in another room to play music.

I'm am playing music stored on my iMac played through my iPhone on my home wifi network.  I do get some bass sound but not very much

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Hello, I have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution? Thanks.

To be honest the kit has been packed away due to house build but I did get this reply from another forum that might help.

Please let me know if it resolves as I will no doubt have the same issue when I finally get the kit out again

had the same problem paired with HW-MS650 soundbar.



i had updated my soundbar via multi app to latest version 1146.4 yet bass was low

had a chat with a samsung guy and we decided to reset both soundbar and sub and re-pair

it worked!!


RESET soundbar by first turning it off then press vol - and vol + simultaneously till you see INT...

RESET button under the sub needs to be pushed in with a pointed object, used a pen in my case until blue LED turns on. 


Try paring both anew. Hope it helps 

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I have the same problem. I only use the sub with movies so I've used it about 20 times total and theres almost zero sound from it now. I tried a reset and it worked for one day. Now it doesn't work again and the reset doesn't work. Because it just over a year old samsung wont cover it. So it's a very expensive pile of junk. This is a very common issue theres reports of it everywhere when you google it and on here but samsung claim when you chat to them that nobody else has ever reported this issue. Which clearly isn't true.

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