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PC to Samsung N950

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Anyone else unable to get pc passed though there N950?


xbox - n950 - q9f no issues Dolby Atmos works and image passed through no problem. 


However when I try the same via 

pc - n950 - q9f I get no image or sound even though the pc recognised the connection and ability for Dolby Atmos. 


If I put the pc direct to the q9f I get image and sound without issue, but Dolby Atmos becomes disabled as far as the pc is concerned because obviously the tv doesn’t support DA. 


Therefore there is is no issue with my pcs output or hdmi lead as it works fine if the soundbar is bypassed. The issue is the n950 unable to process the signal from the pc correctly. 


Samsung tech support have been useless so far and it’s been escalated to 2nd line but I’m awaiting a response. 


Graphics card is Nvidia gtx1070 with the Dolby Atmos app and drivers installed on a windows 10 machine. 


Hi Kevster


Did you ever get this sorted?


I'm having a very similar problem try to do the same with HW-Q90R.




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