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Not working: Q90R TV + Q70R Soundbar

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I have recently purchased a Q90R TV with a Q70R soundbar, as have many people on this forum it seems in the UK with the recent attractive promotion.


Since I first plugged it in I have had nothing but problems with setting up the TV and getting it to recognise the soundbar.


Before I go further, set up is as follows:

HDMI 1, Virgin Media V6 box

HDMI 2, Playstation 4

HDMI 3 (ARC), Q70R Soundbar

HDMI 4, Now TV 4K


Issue 1: Recognising the soundbar


You would think that both being Samsung items - of the same model year - they would talk to each other very well. Wrong. The TV flatly doesnt understand that it has a soundbar plugged into the ARC connection, either completely omitting that something is there or thinking it is an audio receiver (either way - no sound).


This was not the case when first plugged in, but everytime the set up is turned off it forgets everything. I had to do a factory restore last time to get it to remember which lasted until I turned it off for the night.


Issue 2: Lip Sync


The second problem is severe lip sync issues on any input other than apps built into the TV, with even these not being quite perfect. I have adjusted the audio lag option to 0 on both the soundbar itself and the TV but this issue still persists.


All HDMI cables used are pretty new and I believe to be of the latest spec. I have bought two more from Amazon (Amazon Basics cables, confirmed on various places to be HDMI 2.0 compliant) to verify this anyway and eliminate it as a possibility.


Overall I am very disappointed and this whole escapade has massively taken the shine off a purchase which I have been saving up for and looking forward to for some time. Hopefully a fix can be found... any help more than welcome.



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Hey @Matt_Q90R! Best thing to do here is to get in touch with the Samsung AudioVisual team to get this sorted. You can contact them by calling the number 0333 000 0333. They are specialists of both TVs and Soundbars and will be happy to help . 

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Hey Matt

I have the same setup but without the Now TV as I just use the Now TV app on the TV {you need to download it via the TV).

I've not had any issues with the TV recognising anything but I did do a firmware update on the soundbar via smartthings.

Only thing infuriates me is the the lip sync. It only occurs on Dolby transmissions originating from the Virgin V6 box. It doesn't affect me on Dolby on Netflix, Prime or via Freesat just on the V6 box (on HD channels).

Sync is resolved if settings on the V6 box or TV are changed to PCM but I don't want to do that as the sound is inferior. Not sure where the possibly lies? If the V6 box had a sound delay setting then it would probably resolve the sync issues or is it in Samsung's court as the delay settings on the TV and soundbar make no difference?

Btw I use new HDMI 2.1 cables.

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Thanks for the reply Jimbo. A few questions for you arising from your comments there then:


1. Did I not need the Now TV box to stream their 4K content? If so that wasnt as good a Black Friday bargain as I thought it was!


2. Do you experience any lip sync/audio lag with the Playstation 4 with it set up in HDMI 2?


3. Would you mind sharing a link to your HDMI cables on a retailer? I have read online that all you need is the Amazon basics level of cable as HDMI is a digital not analog signal, so the "expensive"/premium cables are a bit of a rip off... gladly proven wrong on this...

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Thanks CarloL, I am going through my retailer's support to begin with but if I have no luck will try this route also.


Having double checked some of my settings with them to begin with, their next suggestion is to isolate the soundbar by connecting to a different TV to see if I get the same issue, so I will be trying that later on this week.

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Also Jimbo, sorry one further question... how does one do the update via Smart Things? I read this on another post in this forum so went looking for it on the app but couldn't find any options to update firmware etc in there...

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I'm using these cables


Probably overkill having an extra Now TV stick or box. Although the box may stream at higher resolution over the TVs native now TV app.


In smartthings select your soundbar and then go to the top right menu and select information. That's where you update firmware.


I haven't done much testing with the PS4 as my kids mainly use it for games where there isn't any live speech to exhibit any lip sync.

When I get a moment I'll fire up a few apps and see if this exists.

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I am having a similar probelm with the same set up and the recognition of the soundbar with all the software update done. Every time I turn the TV on the sound comes from the TV and the soundbar isn't shown as a sound output but it is in the inputs.


If I disconnect the soundbar from the power (i.e. pull the plug) and then plug it back in again, magically fixed until the next time I turn the TV off and then we have to do it all again

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Thanks Jimbo I'd be very interested to see how it goes with the PS4. Unfortunately this is a crazy week at work for me so I've not had any time to do any testing this week - back at it tomorrow night hopefully.


For the PS4 tests as well, instead of lip sync you might see the same issues with gunfire for example or anything really - just sound delay overall. 

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Yep, sounds very similar Ranger. When you do manage to get any audio, dare I ask whether you find it to be in time or delayed?


This seems like a pretty chronic issue - I will be spending a lot of the weekend on the phone to Currys and failing that Samsung support.


If it's not sorted within my 30days itll be going back for an LG C9 unfortunately as I really like both of these products!

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