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No Sound on Subwoofer with HW-Q80R

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I have no sound with the HW-Q80R subwoofer.

The soundbar itself works fine. HDMI1 (IN) is connected to an HTPC & HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) is connected to the HDMI ARC port on a Samsung QE65Q85R.

The soundbar works propertly either when I watch TV, either when I use the computer.

Unfortunately, the subwoofer do not work at all. The blue light is on (no blinking). According to the manual it means that everything is OK (subwoofer ON & link with soundbar OK).

I have updated the soundbar firmware to the latest version first with Smart Things (version 1007.9) & then with a USB key and a manual Firmware download (version 1008.0).

The two following articles reference a very similar issue with HW-Q90R soundbar:

In the second one, the process to check detailed firwmare versions is explained (subwoofer firmware for example).

In my scenario, I get:

M 0126.0
B 1008.0
H 0051.0
FD 0040.0
W 0033.0
S 0033.0

RR & RL are not displayed (probably because HW-Q80R is not shipped with rear speakers by default).

According to the article, S (Subwoofer) version should be equal or superior to 0136.0. In my case the version is an older one (0033.0).

The process to update the subwoofer firmware (step4 in the second article) do not work. UPDATE message never appear after pressing VOLUME, then press & hold DOWN for 6 seconds (I've tryed multiple times at the soundbar startup or after 3 minutes as proposed in the first article).

I don't know what to do next.

I receive the soundbar & subwoofer yesterday.

The first article instructs to contact Samsung if the firmware update do not solve the issue.

No one answer inside the online chat; therefore I take a chance through this forum.

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I have exactly the same issue. Moreover, I don't see dolby domos on the soundbar display and tv when using netflix. Works fine when watch atmos from pendrive connected to the same TV.

Previously, I had q90r (now exchanged to q80r) and it started to work when changed on TV from PCM to Auto. Now it does not help.

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I have this exact same issue. Any luck fixing it?  Samsung online help chat was worthless. Said the speakers should auto update and have a nice day. Super frustrating, there has to be a way to force the firmware out. Otherwise I guess this goes back to the store. 

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