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Need help connecting bluetooth headphones and soundbar simultaneously

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Clark2, if I understand you correctly both the soundbar and headphones would have to be connected to the optical splitter?


I also assume that the volume for the soundbar would then have to be controlled by the remote for the soundbar. That's something I can live with but one of the reasons I bought the Samsung soundbar is so my wife only had to deal with one remote.


Soundbar you can connect through HDMI-ARC, and optical for headphone. 


You can control soundbar and tv with one remote make sure ARC is on. You don't have to buy Samsung any brand sound bar can be used to control with one remote. 

Yes; optic out from TV/OneConnect to splitter (1 optical in, 2 optical out).  1 of the optical out goes to the soundbar (soundbar remoted controls the volume out of the soundbar).  The other optic output goes to the Bluetooth transmitter.  I paired my headphones to the bluetooth transmitter (not to the TV).  My headphones control the volume to the headphones.  So I can listen at one level (via headphones) and my wife can listen to another level from soundbar.  NOTE:  I use no HDMI connection to the sound bar - only optic connection from TV/OneConnect.    Make sure to go to TV menu to Speaker out and select "optical".  My JS8500 will only allow one active at a time.  I can select TV speakers or HDMI or Optical  - select optical.

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I just wanted to say thanks for posting about the optical splitting solution for the soundbar and headsets. It worked peferctly.



1) Cox Contour on HDMI 1 w/DVR

2) Fire TV on HDMI 2


I had the same issue with my wife ... sometimes we both want to use a headset, sometimes just one (so they need the TV or soundbar volume), sometimes just the TV/Soundbar.


We were good to go before with the Vizio that just died with RF headsets with a base/charger unit connected with RCA (white/red) to the TV. The headsets also worked connected to the Cox DVR for HDMI 1, but obviously were not available on Fire TV HDMI 2, so kept it connected to TV. 


Vizio (on legs, no soundbar just TV speakers) backlight died, so bought new Samsung TV (UN55RU7100FXZA)  and Samsung Soundbar 2.1 HW-R450, and prepared wall mounting.


I ran 10 ft HDMI and 10 ft RCA through the wall, assuming it all would work like the TV before. The 7100 TV has a RCA out white/red port ... so assumed I was good to go. Bad assumption ... Samsung terrible user manual, several calls, finally figured out how the "multi speaker" setting worked ... and DID NOT work. Then googling, videos, and finally saw your post. Thanks again. 


I bought the same splitter that you did, but am using this BT Transmitter ( ). It is working perfectly for two headsets (actually my new BT headset and wife earbuds), and both in aptx low latency (no lag). We tend to only use the headsets when we are binging on series, so I just leave the BT Transmitter off and flip it on when we need it. I actually prefer the lightweight RF headset for the times I just need to bypass regular channels (news), so I hooked the RF base to the Cox DVR. Samsung TV and soundbar turn off and on together ... all FINALLY good to go. That is ... after a week of research, removing the HDMI (arc) and RCA extension from the wall and wall mounting kit, and replacing with 10 ft optical cable (CLC). Still have the one 10 ft HDMI clc cable in the wall to connect TV to Cox DVR. Jeeze 


Note: looks like I lost some audio setting options you get with HDMI arc (Dolby ???), and am locked into PCM. I'm not an audio expert ... so not sure what that means, just know the new soundbar sounds good and beats the TV speakers. The simultaneious soundbar, two BT headsets functionality was more important to me. 


Other than the extra $, I actually like this solution. I am not really interested in the TV being "smart", other than I want it to keep up with it's updates with wifi. I am either using the Cox Contour remote, or the Amazion Fire TV remote, so never touch the Samsung remote unless forced into settings. I have learned the new TV panels and backlights fail way too often ... not like it used to be. So I buy the 5 year extended warranties, and look at it like a 5 year rental. The TV, and now the BT transmitter are not single points of failure. BT transmitter dies ... add another. TV dies past 5 year warranty, put the wall mounting bracket arms on a new TV ... good to go. So yes, it seems Samsung should have provided this type of functionality from the TV, but what if my next TV preference does not. Now I'm back to figuring out a solution again. 


Note: I attached the optical splitter to the back of the TV console, and that helped with the frickin cable nest. 


Oh yeah ... I was confused about bluetooth at first, why the jumping through hoops for two connections/pairings. I even had the misguided idea I might be able to pair headsets to the bluetooth soundbar (yeah, both receivers ... get it now). Finally got it ... bluetooth is designed to be one-to-one exclusive ... what it was built for. Want a one-to-two ... have to add a device for that trickery. 




TV optical out -> optical splitter in

optical splitter out #1 -> soundbar

optical splitter out #2 -> bluetooth transmitter


bluetooth transmitter set to "TX" and Optical. I have no plans to use the "RX" feature. 

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