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Need help connecting bluetooth headphones and soundbar simultaneously

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I could use some assistance, I'm got a Samsung Model QN75Q65FN TV that I'm trying to use with a Bose soundbar and Bose wireless headphones.  The soundbar is connected through the hdmi arc and works great on its own, and the headphones when selected in the sound settings (bluetooth) also work fine on their own. 


When I try to use both I can't seem to get them to activate at the same time.  If I use the multi output in the accessibility section as suggested in a previous post the sound will come out of the TV speakers but I can't get it to come out of the soundbar.  Are there any suggestions on how to get both to work at the same time?  Both can function independently of each other but I need them to work simultaneously.  Anyone have some help on how to get these to work in tandem?




can you test this manipulation, I think it will work:

Home > Settings > General > Accessibility > Multiple Audio Output


I hope that my answer would be useful to you.

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I have the same issue with Q8 tv! The setting: Home > Settings > General > Accessibility > Multiple Audio Output.  Allows use of Bluetooth headset and TV sound simultaneously, but NOT my Samsung sound bar with blue tooth headset at same time.  My family would like to use the soundbar while I use the headset since I have mild hearing loss and family complains About the sound bar volume I Use. I hope Samsung can allow two external devices simultaneously. 



I am on the same boat, and Samsung still has not fix this issue. 


Spend so much money on TV and it cannot do basic thing i.e. simultaneous sound to both soundbar using hdmi/arc and bluetooth. 




My system Samsung TV 4K UHD (JS8500) and new Samsung 7.1.4 Harman Kardon soundbar (HW-Q90R).


Basically, I wanted to connect my new Bose headphones (Bluetooth) into the system so my wife can adjust the sound to her comfort level and I could adjust the headphones to my level – the key is being able to do that simultaneously.  Optical connection (forget HDMI ARC or regular HDMI for this solution).

This is how I solved it inexpensively for around a $100:


Optical connection from TV Optical connection to Digital Optical Audio Splitter, in port (mine was a 1x3; 1 in port, 3 out ports) in port.  Make sure you get a powered unit for better signal consistency.  Cost me $22.00 from Amazon. (note:  I used J-Tech Digital Premium SPDIF TOSLINK Digital Optical Audio 1x3 Splitter)


Optical connection from Optical out port #1 (of splitter) to Optical in port on soundbar


Optical connection from Optical out port #2 (on splitter) to Optical in port of Blue Audio Transmitter for TV (it also has a 3.5mm connection for wired as well).  Make sure you get a powered unit (mine could power BT 4.0 to 2 headphone sets and each could control volume undependably from each other).  Cost me about $69.00.  I used MEEaudio Connect Universal Dual Headphone and Speaker Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for TV (AF-T1)


Simply pair the unit.


We now have a system that my wife can control the volume of the soundbar system; and I can control the volume independently in my headset – both work simultaneously and great!!


After spending so much money on Samsung TV we still have to buy this. This could be easy fix on their software to support it. Very frustrated with Samsung.

I agree. A simple software fix for Samsung to allow 2 audio sources to work. This is the least expensive way I found to remedy the suituation. When I buy my next TV next year - the fix will work on it as well (assuming Samsung drags its feet).
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I was considering purchasing a set of Sennheiser headphones that has its own transmitter which connects to the optical output on the TV. I'm assuming that the accessibility option will only work with the built-in TV speaker and a bluetooth source. Is that correct?


It will work with optical output. 


Optical out to a spliiter will provide you 2 audio feeds to do whatever devices you need to have sound.

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