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Multiroom PC Application cannot find any music

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 I'm having trouble with the Multiroom App for PC. The application will connect to the speaker and play streaming services, but it cannot find any of the music on my laptop.


I have;


Version 1.7.6 of the Windows Multiroom App

Version of iTunes.

The speaker is R1 Wireless 360° Smart Speaker (Black), Model WAM1500/XU.


All the local music is in the Music/iTunes folder.


This is what I see when accessing Music Library Settings, which then crashes after a couple of minutes.

MusicLibrarySettings.pngI started a thread on the US community, but they've just sent me here although what geographical location has to do with a windows app, I'm not quite sure.


Any assistance would be appreciated. I'd really like to be able to stream My music from my laptop rather than relying on an iPod. (Which does work, but it's someone else's music collection/playlists etc).

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Hello Juser


I am having a similar issue. I can add a folder but it then doesn’t find the music that is in it. Just says no music in the folder file. 


Similarly, playing through iPhone is fine, which is all well and good, but it doesn’t hold my entire library.


So must be the PC desktop app problem?  


did you ever find a solve to this? 

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No I never found a solution. Gave up on it and now just stream it from an iPod. Wish I'd paid the extra £10 for Sonos though.

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Rats...  shame as always thought Samsung were reliable... appears pc related stuff is the ***** in the armour. Well, I have just started my journey on trying to get it to work. If I find a solution i’ll let you know.


Otherwise I too will be wishing I spent the extra on a different system as i’ll have to invest in an up to date iPod... my one is so old, and brick like, wireless/Bluetooth was but a twinkle in Apple’s eye 😆.


thanks for the reply though


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I've been having the same issue forever too... I really don't understand why Samsung doesn't address this.

(I even have to 'dig' the internet in order to find v1.7.6 of the Multiroom app for PC (I'm still on 1.5.0)

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I have the exact same problem, and cannot find a fix for this anywhere online. Really disappointing to have bought supposedly top end speakers which don't seem to be able to sync with my laptop - basic stuff I would have thought.

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