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Looking for advice on soundbars for Q7

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I have a 2017 65” Q7FA, it’s been a great TV this last year. The only thing I have a problem with is the sound. So I’ve decided I want to upgrade to a sound bar. I’ve researched a little bit and been given some advice on atmos, ARC and eARC.. It’s quite confusing. 


So I’m looking for people with a similar setup to me and what sound bar your using and a bit of feedback on it?  I have a Xbox one x and SKY Q UHD connected to my one box and I use the TVs native Netflix and prime apps.


I’m willing to spend up to £500 on a soundbar but after reading some of the horror stories on these forums of sound bars not working with certain TVs it’s made me a little scared to go and purchase one blindly. So any tips are also welcome.



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