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How to get sound to come through dvd 7500 through r1 speaker and samsung 6501 soundbar of a non samsung tv.


The only none samsung thing I have is the tv.


I have the samsung 7500 dvd blu ray player , 6501 soundbar and r1 speakers. 


Q how can I get sound to play on both soundbar and r1 speakers when playing a dvd through samsung 7500 of a non samsung tv?

I have the tv connected to soundbar via the HDMI cable (arc). The dvd player connecting to soundbar using HDMI. But how to I get the r1 speaker to work with soundbar when playing a dvd ? The multi app shows I'm using the soundbar input source as D IN and r1 speaker doesn't have that optional only wifi, Bluetooth or tv connect . 


AndrewL Moderator
Hi @Milne

I believe it is possible to add your soundbar and R1 speaker to the same 'Group' in the Multiroom app, which you can then select as the output option so both speakers are utilised. Try connecting the Soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth by pressing the source button on the soundbar itself and selecting BT Pairing, followed by enabling the Bluetooth option on your TV. For further guidance please check the following link:

Thanks. I don't even think my tv has Bluetooth.  I'll check. Failing that what's the next best thing ?

AndrewL Moderator
You can always try a WiFi connection using the Source button on the soundbar and the Mode button on the R1 Speaker. On the Multiroom app you can hit the setting (cog) symbol in the top right > select 'Add speaker' > Tap the 3 lines in the top left to view a list of all added speakers > Tap the 3 dots to the right of the Soundbar > Surround Setup > Follow the on screen prompts, although this may only be possible with 2 additional wireless speakers. You should also check the Audio settings on your TV to ensure that it is setup to output via the soundbar and whether it offers you any surround options.
AntS Moderator

Hi @Milne! How did you get on with this one?


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