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Home Theater volume loss after power outage

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Hi, I have a Samsung HT H4500R 5.1Ch 500W. I have it for a long time with no problems, but recently, everytime there's a power outage, when I turn it on, the volume is at 0, and even after I increase the volume it's very weak. My speaker level calibration gets reset. The speakers get louder after I mess with those settings, but still aren't working properly, the only way to fix is to do a Factory Reset. So, I have to do a reset everytime there's a power outage or I disconnect the device from the wall.

Also, recently the Netflix app became slow, sluggish and freezing all the time, (I have a 100Mbps connection throgh cable directly to the router).

What to do? Re-flash the most recent firmware? It seems to me these problems can be caused by some battery gone bad and the hardware not being powerful enough to handle this updated Netflix app...

help would be appreciated, thanks.

help wpuld be appreciated, thanks.



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