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HW-Q90R Disconnects!


Yes you must upgrade the speakers seperately on the soundbar


TeamWasabi after you will complete the update of the soundbar, the update is not yet applied to your rear speakers and subwoofer. So to update them and complete the task:

 1) Disconnect and Reconnect electrical power to each component in the following order: Subwoofer → Left and Right Surround Speakers


2) With the unit powered on, briefly press the “VOLUME” on the remote


3) Press and hold the “DOWN” button on the remote ( ) for about 6 seconds, until the display shows “UPDATE”


4) “UPDATE” → “BYE” → “ON” will appear on the display


5) After the update, the Soundbar will restart and last source used will appear on the display for about 20 seconds and then it will go off ※


The time to complete step 3) will be around 10 minutes ※ Important : DO NOT turn off the power until the full update is complete.


I hope this will help you

Hey @VerrNUm

I have the exact same issue, also from France, tried to update to 1008 (downloaded from US website) and rear speakers are not working at all. Contacted the Samsung support by phone and they said I applied an US update for a French product which is causing issues, so they advice to send back the product to a repair center (Samsung not paying for that of course), and "maybe" the repair center will be able to downgrade but not sure and still they don't know if this will be free of charge for me.

Did you find any solution on your side ?


Same problem of disconnected speakers here 3 months ago, also in France, updated to 1008 the main unit AND to the last version (136 if I remember) for the rear speakers and bass unit, and everything is working fine now.
how have you done the "136" update of rear speakers ?
because with Smartthings app I well see the main unit is updated to 1008 firmware, however I don't know about the rear speakers and when I try to update them following the right process (so holding DOWN button for 6 seconds) nothing happen or eventually "UPDATE" appear for hal a second an then nothing....would be great to know how you've done the rear speaker update please !


I reach my Soundbar Samsung HW-90R in France with 1006.0 Firmware but 136 one for Rear and Bass unit and I had no disconnect problem.
I update the Soundbar with 1008.0 US Firmware with the USB mode.
Now I have :

I see here  
that with the 1008.0 update I must have W-241.0
Anybody knows what means W ?

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Tried, but didn't work. Hopeless system, spending £1500 and have to struggle with this mess is not acceptable at all!!!


If you followed all our instructions that you can find before to update the bar with new 1008 firmware, I suggest to take the bar, sub e rear speakers to an official assistance center. They will update the three wireless remaining pieces for free.

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I rang Samsung they said they will call me back in 24/48 hrs, no call. Then I also spoke with Currys PC World store from where I bought and they were least bothered! Why am I becoming a fool buying this product and taking it here and there making calls around after spending £1500 and struggling. If Samsung is so concerned about customer service why didn't they call or why didn't they recall all products, update and restored back to the stores? Rubbish!!!!

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I returned the product in the end, got so frustrated that no one is bothered to resolve this for me!!!
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