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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

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Hello to me after the update I have a bar 1007.9 subwoofer 0136 satellites RR 0136 LR 0000 what is the problem, all speakers are playing.

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Im from Denmark and have firmware 1007.9 and woofer+satellites still disconnect several times a week .. really not happy about my purchase ATM .. i found this on the US site:


The site state that 1008 solves the problem but all i have in SmartThings and the Danish website is version 1007,9 .. that dosent make sense :/  i Wonder if the US firmware works on my HW-Q96R (as  Q90R it is called in Denmark)




Après avoir retourné ma barre de son au magasin (probleme de deconnexion entre la barre et le caisson de basse + enceinte), Samsung a procédé à l'échange. J'ai donc reçu une nouvelle barre de son mi aout estampillée en version 1007.9

Cette fois la connexion est parfaitement opérationnelle, plus aucun problème...sur ce niveau.


Par contre, très mauvaise nouvelle concernant la gestion du bluetooth!!! J'ai testé l'écoute de musique ou vidéo via mes différents mobiles (samsung S8, LG G6,...) avec youtube en connectant mes mobiles en bluetooth àla barre de son. La reconnaissance se fait bien mais j'ai des interruptions constantes (coupures de son) lors de l'écoute. J'ai testé sur une autre barre de son, aucun problème donc le problème ne vient pas de mes mobiles. D'autre part, la reconnaissance avec Alexa d'amazon n'est pas bonne via mon appareil Echo....Je dois sans cesse forcer la connexion via l'application. La connexion automatique d'Alexa ne s'effectue pas via la demande vocale.


Je trouve cela parfaitement inadmissible de découvrir encore de nouveaux problèmes!!!


Avez vous testé la connexion en bluetooth de votre barre de son ??? Merci pour vos retours.


Good evening my Soundbar is working well now after I downloaded the last firmware version 1008 on the American site. About Bluetooth it’ working I haven’t problem with. Try to change the firmware. Samsung ITALY don’t know nothing about the problems. I did all alone. Good luck!

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I'm having lip sync issues when I go from my Xbox 1x to the soundbar and then to my projector (benq 3550). Any way to fix this ? Everything is on the latest firmware. 

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Just put on the US 1008 and so far all is good so hopefully woofer and rear speakers stay connected now
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I managed to make this work by holding - & + on soundbar till init appears.


Then did following.

Unplugg all power and connect, sub,rears and then main unit.

Add device into smartthings using wifi

Update main unit through smartthings

Update rears by holding bottom of circle for 6 seconds.


Tha ka to original poster of the reset by using - & +


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This works!!!!!


I just updated my HW-Q90R Atmos soundbar in Italy with the last firmware 1008 version from Samsung USA website.


Now both rear speakers are always connected and the same the subwoofer!!! Also the Bluetooth connection issue with some mobile phones has been solved. Finally!!!!


It is important to follow the 1008 firmware "Upgrade guide Version 1.0 of Aug 02, 2019", also downloadable in pdf from the link: ) for the right update of the HW-Q90R Atmos soundbar and also, this is very very very important, then for the required and needed update of other three pieces (sub+rear speakers). 


Firmware Soundbar Samsung HW-Q90R 1008 from USA website.jpg


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If I updated via SmartThings app, do I have to do to the rears and sub separately?
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