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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

To SQlut

That’s probably TV from TV.
As I know the TV must support Dolby Atmos or any other format you want to use.
I think your model HAS support for Dolby Atmos.

Try to look up Audio settings on your LG TV and change the audio settings from “PCM (decoded)” to “Original (bitstream)” if something like this is in the menu of your TV. (I didn’t have to do this on my SONY TV but I did this on my external Multimedia player (Dune) in order to hear Dolby Atmos or DTS-X.

I can tell only what works with my SONY AF8 TV without any other settings.

What I did:
- HDMI cable 2.0 to ARC HDMI on my TV and to ARC HDMI on soundbar.
- The Netflix movie must have Dolby Atmos track and you have to select this perticular track

I hope something will help you.

ok then you have to see in the tv audio settings that this transmits the uncompressed audio signal so as to let the soundbar process the audio, so you should see the dolby08 message on the soundbar. If the TV sends an already processed signal you will not receive dolby atmos on the bar
to Zaza

That’s question or you just repeat what I wrote ...
Please try to read what others write and don’t fill this forum with messages that repeating written content or with what you should buy, or what you already bought etc.
As you wrote your TV doesn’t support this so I really don’t understand why you buy soundbar with support for Dolby Atmos and DTs-X what makes the sense and price of the soundbar..
so please try to be more useful here on Forum For Samsung q90r.


Dear Samsung,




  1. Update Smarthing app that we can

- control volume for all speakers

  • allow user presets for speaker volume settings
  • add Night mode (sound mode for watching movies in the night)
  • when reseting my soundbar I lose connection with the app and there is no way how to register the soundbar with the same account. Please change it.


2  Update remote control functions


  • Pressing the VOL could resets settings to 0 (as Subwoofer button does)
  • add changing value continuously when holding VOL or WOOFER button up or down
  • holding setting button could resets all value to 0


  1. Firmware
  • make the firmware update  more user friendly (update for the complete set of speakers all at once)



Sorry I didn't read your previous message when I replied, I didn't see that there was a new page.
To Zaza

By the way If your TV doesn’t support Atmos and DTS-X I would recommend to buy external android box or multimedia player that will support these formats, connect this with soundbar and you can use your soundbar and TV with these formats.
In other way you can buy much cheaper soundbar that will be as good as this one (or in case of Bose better) . The support of these formats increasing the price.
The last and most expensive way is to buy new tv but I personally think that the solution with external Android box Or multimedia player is the most convinient.

Hope that helps.
I use Apple TV 4K, for dolby atmos.

@Filipgo wrote:
That’s what I thought.
When you watch Netflix and the particular movie is in Dolby Atmos than the soundbar display shows “Dolby atmos” shortly and when you want to change to another sound mode “not available” appears on display. Only in this case you can be sure that you are enjoying the real Dolby atmos.
I have Sony TV AF8 with Android and Netflix app and it works without any special settings. Otherway, for watching movies in Dolby Atmos or DTS-X I use external devise from Dune (Dine HD Pro 4K) and in this device I HAVE to change the audio settings from “PCM (decoded)” to “Original (bitstream)”

It’s a big difference to watch movies with Dolby Atmos and DTs-X in this right way or with the wrong way when you change the node to e.g. “surround” or “addaptive”.

For All other content I use “Adaptive mode” and that works best for me.

But I still don’t have answer to my question if you and other user can change the volume of rear speakers specifically (get in the menu with the setting button on remote controller and up or down for changing the value.

What a pitty that Bose doesn’t make 7.1.4 . I’n very disappointed that Samsung has these bugs. Anyway the sound is ok for me, it makes what I wanted... 7.1.4 around me and support of Dolby atmos and DTS-X ... and only this product offers this .

@Filipg I didn't see how you have everything set up. Are you using ARC? Are you plugging external devices directly to hdmi ports on soundbar? 


I have the Q90 TV and Q90 soundbar connected by ARC. I never see Atmos or dtx on the soundbar LED. Thanks


To brettautey


I’m not sure if for Dolby Atmos and DTS-X is needed HDMI 2.0 cable but I use HDMI 2.0.

There is no way how to recognise HDMI 1.4 from HDMI 2.0. The situation is similar like with the computer cable USB-C and Thunderbolt. The developers are probably on crack generally...

I can write here description with my setup only, because that’s what I have.

Sony Android TV AF8 (Android 8.0)
Samsung Soundbar q90r
Dune HD PRO 4k
Apple TV 4K
Amazon Alexa


For watching Atmos content with Netflix app on my Android TV:
TV HDMI IN3 ARC -> SOUNDBAR HDMI OUT ARC (no other settings needed)

For watching movies with Atmos or DTS-X:
Settings needed: Dune audio setup -> Select bitstream not PCM

APPLE TV (I don’t have movies with Atmo on my Apple TV nor Netflix, so I didn’t test it here)
Apple TV -> TV HDMI IN 2
I don’t know if settings are needed. Maybe @Zaza could help, He confirmed using Atmos with Apple TV 4K and soundbar Samsung 950 which is probably the same as the new one.

I don’t know how to add the user question to my answer :( I always click on Quick Reply or on Reply but the question is not added to my message ..


I have connected apple tv 4k directly to the soundbar and then hdm out in the tv in hdmi 3 (arc), in the audio and video menu of the apple tv the best possible audio must be selected to also activate dolby atmos. if I connect the Apple TV directly to the TV the voice dolby atmos from Apple TV disappears, this is because my TV does not support Dolby atmos.

so when you start atmos content from iTunes movie or netflix and these have dolby atmos contents, the Apple TV sends dolby atmos and is displayed on the bar, for normal dolby content the Apple TV sends lpcm signal



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