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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

If you didnt get this “UPDATE” → “BYE” → “ON” then your update is not fully complete or somehow corrupted. I got this message once instead of 3 times as per the guide.

Do you have Q90R model?

Can you send me the file You have on your flash disc, please? (I'm mac user and I had to install the exe through Crossover software and maybe that could be the problem, but as I mentioned , on the Smarthing app I see the LATEST firmware) but the dialogues in the firmware guide doesn't meet mine.

How about the volume settings of rear,central, top rear monitors. Do you hear any changes if you set the volume on max?


Yes I have the HW-Q90R soundbar. Cant attach the file on here but it is available on the US Samsung site.


I have a macbook however for this download I used a windows laptop (as it did state it was essential) to get the file. 



ok then I have to get PC ... 


If anyone can send me the file from the usb flash I would be glad.

I really don't want to buy for this one perticular think new windows notebook ... I don't understand why Samsung doesn't offer the install for mac users. 


All you need to do is stick the download on the usb. Just borrow a laptop or use a friends/family members desktop? Download, extract and check file path match the userguide then plug in and follow the simple instructios, 


And yes sound on the rear speakers works as expected volume etc all fine.




Hi #filipgo


I've exactly same issue, could you please tell us when and how you fixed when done?



I didn't fix it yet :( Another user gave me advice to get somewhere windows pc and try it again... so I'm working on that  

Then I let you know exact sequence of what I dit... but I'm afraid that that doesn't help... as I wrote, my smarthing app shows the latest firmware... 


Can't believe some Mac Users are not able to handle their Mac. 


Download an alternative App for archives. Open the Exe with this App and even OS X will just create the folder you have to send to your usb Device. 


No Miracle, no Windows Machine... just a work of 60 seconds. 


I'm sure you never worked on mac :( To run exe on mac needs special and paid program. I use Crossover and so I could install the exe on my usb flash with my mac.

But please explain me, why you write here if you don't help in any way ... :( I'm sure you didn't even read my post where I exactly explain what I did etc. 







After update you need to press and hold down button 10 sec or so, then update of all speakers starts. The one updating is blinking always. Takes 10 min for all.

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