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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

Moi aussi mon ami Après 2 semaines de débug intensif, la maj en version 1008 US est parfaite.
Pour info, elle mets à jour la version des SUB et REAR en 0136 au lieu de 0133 précédemment.

Guessing you're in France 


Google translate your post which says - Me too my friend After 2 weeks of intensive debugging, the maj version 1008 US is perfect. FYI, it updates the version of the SUB and REAR in 0136 instead of 0133 previously.


I live in netherlands, installed us version problem solved after one noght still working. So sofar it works..

Interesting! How can you tell the versions of SUB and REAR? As when on smarthings app, it only gives you a single firmware status
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Just updated mine to ver. 1008. Let's see how it goes tomorrow morning!


I had the similar issue as my rear speakers used to disconnect after a while... with the update of firmware to 1008 version the problem seems to be resolved ...I haven't seen any connection issues after the latest firmware update...


Update 1008 in progress, sound bar took less than mins to update and only said update - bye - on once. Speaker and sub updates in progress hopefully this sorts it!

Keep us posted...

Ok so, the update does indeed fix the rear speaker issue when your watching sky for example via HDMI however if you go to spotify and connect via wifi and play a song the rear speakers will not work. 


Also tried youtube via mobile and via amazon firestick no sound out the rear speakers again.


So a bit of good and bad news. Can others who say it is working now check if it does via spotify, youtube, mobile device etc.

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I am from Slovakia. I updated my soundbar to ver. 1008 today and everything is fine. My problem with speaker and sub seems to be resolved. I hope.
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