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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

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Hi guys. I just purchased this soundbar. I have updated to firmware 1008 and everything works great .... for maximum 1 minute. Every time i turn the soundbar on , its working great and after the PRT message shows on display and it shutsdown automatically. Sometimes it works for 20 seconds, sometimes for 3 minutes before it shuts down. Its unbevliebele what issue i got.  It is not the 5 minutes no signal problem, mine is different .. it just shuts down mostly in under 1 minutes  ( while TV playing ) .  I see no resolvation to this, i will take it back to the retailer so they can stick it up in their .... 

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i noticed my shutdown problem is directly related to  the Volume. If Volume is at maximum 23, it works great, as soon as i rise up the volume ,

PRT appears on display and it shutsdown instantly like you unplug the power

Not yet, a new firmware release is expected in the next days and should bring eARC capacity.
This was confirmed by Samsung UK to the journalist who did the product review for several websites including TechRadar
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It seems my PRT shutdown issue is a hardware problem. PRT comes from Protection. I brought the soundbar to Samsung service here in my town and i will let you if they fixed it and what was the issue 


Turn it off and press the cogwheel button on the remote till it comes on.

Many SW Versions will be on the display.

If you have B1008, and all the components are updated, it will show "update" for just a few seconds.


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Gentlemen, is it an accident or I came across a damaged model. I replaced the HW-K950 Soundbar with the HW-Q90R and I am surprised by the subwoofer's operation. It's a drama compared to the K950. Is it a coincidence or something changed after the last updated.
How to check the subwoofer for proper operation? Bass and subwoofer set to max

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Did they fix it?

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No. They said the power board doesn't work and they can not find the spare part here in Romania so they will give me a new one. I hope this one works. 

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