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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

Yes, hdmi/arc... I don't think Atmos or any 5.1 or 7.1 works over optical, in fact I'm 99.9% sure it doesn't

My soundbar is going in for repair on Friday and have to go through the hassle of unplugging and repackaging it all!


If i hear anything regarding the root cause other the a software issue i will let you all know. Hopefully my soundbar doesn't come be damaged!


wait for 1.008, or do you have that one already?


Tempted, but its not yet clear if the 1.008 update will fix this issue. I can't even update to 1.007.


I asked Samsung what fixes/ improvements are in the 1.007 and 1.008 update and they said bug fixes and minor enhancements. Asked for release notes or further documentation on this which was not given.

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Update 1008.0 is available at us page:


Read: Upgrade guide Version 0000! (click SEE MORE) You have to update bar and after that rear and sub.



Great! Hopefully it gets localized around the globe soon.

Do you think 1008 is just the us version of of 1007? Or its actually coming the europe?
We still dont know if 1008 solved it i for sure, one guy who thought it worked only..
Do you dare to install the us version? You think it will work?

Please let us know if Version 1008.0 and 0000 fix the issue. I have my soundbar going in for repair soon and if this update fixes it then great!


has anyone tried dolby atmos with Apple TV 4K with this soundbar? I have the n950 and in the atmos the rear speakers are very low, if imposed dolby 5.1 they sound great. With Xbox in dolby atmos the rear speakers have perfect volume.

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for me the 1008 solved the issue of disconnects for now.

I bought and use the box in germany and the us fw works fine. I use the box with ATV4K and PS3. 

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