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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

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Doesn't seem like 1008 is available in the UK yet...

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I've received mine today (France), i have done a upgrade to firmware 1008 using USB drive.
Unfortunatly, I don't have any sound from my Subwoofer event the blue LED is OK....
I never heard any sound coming from Sub Woofer...
I know that my setup is correct because it was working perfectly with the same movie demo with N850 (Nvidia Shield + ATMOS movies..)
I don't know what to do, wait a a fix or ask for a refund...

Someone has at least be had a sound coming for SubWoofer, how to check at it works..?

Thanks for your help

Did you have sound prior to the upgrade? If yes, I can only assume the upgrade has failed.
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I'm not sure...


Can I downgrade to a previous firmware to test or iit's too late ?


Tank you


After the firmware update, did you updated all the devices ? See my posts in previous page. I didn’t had to upgrade to this firmware to fix the issue on my side 



Once the Soundbar is updated, it is necessary to update the Firmware of the Sub-Woofer & Rear Speakers:


Disconnect all the Mains leads Reconnect in the following order: Sub-Woofer, Rear left, Rear Right then Soundbar. If needed, re-pair any  unconnected speakers. Turn on the Soundbar Press any key on the remote to ensure the display is lit. (e.g: Volume +) While the display is lit, press & hold the “Down” key for approximately 6 seconds until “UPDATE” is displayed “UPDATE->BYE->ON” will displayed while the update is taking place (Approximately 10 minutes) after which the Soundbar will restart with the last used input displayed for approximately 20 seconds before turning off. The update is now complete.

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Thanks for your help.


Yes, I have upgrade all the unit.


My SB is 1008 and the subwoofer is 00136...


I've tried to update to the previous firmware (1007)  with the USB key method but the upgrade doesn't trigger.


I have the feeling that we can't downgrade ....


What version do you have ? Did you fix the Subwoofer issue ?


Same problem here....

Tried everything to update with USB stick and with Mobile phone, nothing works.


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Like everyone else, I have had the same issues with my HW-Q90R Soundbar with the Rear/Subwoofer disconnecting. I am also located in the US for reference.


My soundbar's firmware will NOT update to 1008 despite my best efforts. It does not appear on the SmartThings App and the Soundbar will not recognize the USB drive no matter what I try either (I even bought a brand new Samsung USB drive that runs FAT32 to try and resolve it). So I am stuck with unplugging the rear/subwoofer any time I want the full surround compabilities.


Anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this? It would be much appreciated.


Did you press the downbutton for  few secs on the remote? 

Update should then appear in the display.

Do you have the folder extracted in the usb in the root?

Did you perform another id set on all speakers?

Final thing would be press down and wait anyway 30 mins. Then id set again.


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Yes I have tried all those methods before and just retried them again. I've read a lot of really helpful tips on this thread but for whatever reason, my soundbar just will not update!

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