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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

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I am now on my 2nd soundbar or as i nearly spelt it as soundbad.


This again is a June prodution date, same problems.  have updated firmware to 1007.9 through phone app which i still shows the  latest releae . pressing the cog and holding down i get all types of firmware versions. M0126.0 B1007.9, H0051.0 , FD0040,.0 , 0240.0 , S0133.0 RR, 0000.0 RL 0133.0 as near as i can read.


Will read through any posts to see if i have missed anything. 



I installed US firmware version 1008 via USB. And, like many others on this forum, this fixed the connection issues.

10008 is working update rear speakers separate and problems solved. Just read the forum

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I read there were some power / voltage settings which is why that is USA only

Doesnt matter... enjoying mine

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Every speaker worked so i ran the update on the rear and SUB when i came back the rear left will not connect at all now with flashing blue led now matter when power cylcing and cable un plug, how do you make the sub pick up this speaker ?


Had the same problem. Just read from multiple pages back. Id set

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Thanks now paired holding the up button.


Hello everyone,
Same issue here in France. I have contacted Samsung through Facebook messenger. The only option they found for me was to move by myself to a Samsung affiliated shop my 30kg soundbar that they have delivered me with 2 people... 


To summarize, I have paid 1400 boxes for a soundbar. It doesn't work properly. I have to move it by myself in a repair shop.


Very nice customer service Samsung ! I will return my product and never purchase an unfinished product again with Samsung brand again.


I'm on my second unit but the firmware procedure below (which is for Europe) did work. You need to do the step which checks if you have the right firmware on the wireless speakers/sub because the normal update had just put the firmware onto the main soundbar. It took me two attempts to update the firmware on the speakers but it did work. Now the whole unit works perfectly. I fully agree about Samsung though, selling a top piece of equipment for £1,500 which basically does not work is unacceptable. I have noticed that some leading UK retailers are no longer selling this equipment presumably because of the angry customers.





Once the Soundbar is updated, it is necessary to update the Firmware of the Sub-Woofer & Rear Speakers:


Disconnect all the Mains leads Reconnect in the following order: Sub-Woofer, Rear left, Rear Right then Soundbar. If needed, re-pair any  unconnected speakers. Turn on the Soundbar Press any key on the remote to ensure the display is lit. (e.g: Volume +) While the display is lit, press & hold the “Down” key for approximately 6 seconds until “UPDATE” is displayed “UPDATE->BYE->ON” will displayed while the update is taking place (Approximately 10 minutes) after which the Soundbar will restart with the last used input displayed for approximately 20 seconds before turning off. The update is now complete.


The difference between the US (1008.0) & European (1007.9) relates to differing power consumption considerations in the two regions.  If you’ve got a European model & installed 1008.0 you are still able to follow the above guidance to update the Sub-Woofer & Rear Speaker firmware to keep their standby power consumption as it should be for our area.


If the issue still occurs on 1007.9 and you want to check if you've successfully updated the Sub-Woofer and Rear Speakers and what you'd need to do if not:


Put the Soundbar into standby. Press & Hold the Sound Control button (Cog) until the Soundbar turns on.


The firmware versions of everything are displayed by scrolling across the display.  The ones of interest are S, RL & RR.  Correctly updated speakers will display 0136.0 as the version number, anything lower has not been updated.  If they show 0000.0, then that speaker would need re-pairing before running the update procedure outlined above.


If you’ve followed all of this guidance, and the issue is still happening (or there are further complications) please get in touch with our AV Support Team (UK; ROI) for further assistance.

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