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HW-Q90R Disconnects!


funny, serveral zip apps can do it. 


i am running "Keka" and simply open the exe. then keka just extracts the folder which is inside.

here is a video ...

fun fact -> back in the days zip and rar archives where send as self-extracting exe file. 

the samsung file is nothing more than this. 


the extracted folder I have to copy to the usb to start a manual update without the app.


all the other steps are mentioned in the 000 upgrade guide. and they work for sure. 


next time before you judge me not helping, read the 19 pages in the thread and the other ones on samsung germany,

australia, avforums and so on. it is not the first time I mentioned it is possible without a windows pc. 




Hi Hebe


Keka is awesome I tried Winzip and usual RAR archive suspects, none would extract the exe into a folder. Boom, Keka straight out the box, now have the archive heading to USB stick and update :-)


Thanks again.






There is 1008 in the UK's is 1007.9)

When updated Q90R using it, the issue disapeared just after around 5 minutes update.

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it worked!!!!

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Just purchased HW-Q90R based on reviews i did see these comments before purchase but hedged my bets these would be sorted, sadly after 2 days talking to Amsung UK support who can not make up thier mind if they admit its a known fault or not i am getting to feel this is going back for a refund. 


Same problems as most running the latest UK firmare 1007.9 on a 2019 Samsung TV with new HDMI cables, the rear speakers either do not connect, or connect with no sound or rear left is quiet also the sub will often not connect.  By a mothod that is still ironing out i can make all speakers work with a combination of removing power to sound bar and speakers and just pure frustrated trying everything.  as someone had previousy said you should not have to do this on a £1500 piece of sound hardware. 


Also i tried to go as high as i could within Samsung support and emailed a complaint leter but at the moment no solution is known....


any help  is grateful or maybe my experience will help others not  to purchase.



UKOK - there is a fix to this an suggest you read this forum from page 9 onwards. I have managed to resolve the issues based on the people posting here.
Installing the US firmware version 1008 manually fixed all issues regarding the connection loss.
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Thanks i will study the posts further 


Remember to format the usb stick with fat32, i had problems updating cause it was on NTFS.

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All, just a quick note to add info to the disconnects problem thread and hopefully help others from the related Smartthings connect issue I discovered. I've read the whole thread here and on the AVForums, etc. before buying the Q90R two days ago. I knew about the 1008 firmware update when I bought it. What I didn't expect was not being able to connect to it with Smartthings to get the update. After 4.5 hours on the phone with Samsung support groups and escalating the tickets yesterday, I fixed the issue myself today.

I first talked to the soundbar support group which handed me off to the Smartthings group who initially said they didn't support the Q90R (their supported device list was not updated) and immediately transferred me back to the soundbar group. Joshua took ownership and we learned I couldn't connect with Smartthngs. The adding process always stopped at 39%. He handed me off to the cell phone group (Samsung S6, android 7.0) and they concluded the phone was good, and then I was transferred to the Smartthngs group again, but at an escalated level of support. Dylan stuck with me for a couple of hours and sent the ticket to the developers and you contact me next week or so.

I didn't originally want to flash the 1008 firmware update until we knew what we were dealing with. So today, after yesterday's marathon support session I flashed the bar, sub woofer and rear speakers. I powered everything off and back on and was immediately able to add the Q90R to Smartthings. At no time did anyone from any of the support groups ask me do do the update. That was my idea and risk I suppose.

So, the 1008 firmware update helps issues besides just the disconnect issues. Support told me they had others reporting the Smartthings connection problem, so I hope this help others that might stumble on to this post.
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