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HW-Q90R Disconnects!

Works, yes! To be we had to findout ourselfs...

Well, I'm glad the problem has been solved, however I'm disappointed with the rear speakers with apple TV on the n950, when you set better quality, to enable dolby atmos too, the volume is low so you have to set the level to 6db. Contrary to when you go to set up dolby 5.1 they are also too strong. I have no problems with the Xbox instead, I watch the blu ray, and the volume of the rear speakers is great, when I test atmos with the dolby application the sound is wonderful .. I don't understand why with apple tv I don't get the same result as sound immersion. Someone can check if the q90r has the same problem with appletv 4k.


I asked Samsung via livechat when the 1008 update will be release in the UK


“From the query you have reported, you want to know when the firmware version 1008 for the soundbar HW-Q90R will be released in the UK. I'll be happy to check this for you.”

“As per checking, for the UK firmware version, it is still under development. But, it will be rolled out soon when it is ready.”

“The software will eventually be rolled out in the UK”


So no clear date yet!


My soundbar is meant to be going in for repair tomorrow, dont know if i should just wait for the update or let them collect it and check it over!

Flash the update from the US site. That's what I'm planning on doing this weekend.

From what I have been told, there are difference between the US update and the UK one. I dont want to risk it incase it makes things worse. 

What differences?

No idea, this is what i was told via the live chat

I dont think this is the case. Revision and language differences would be noted in the filename of the firmware.
Those live chat people really haven't a clue about anything. A couple of people in Europe have flashed the US update and it worked fine.
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ok for me (france) after flashing and night sleeping, my soundbar sync well with rear and sub,


Be careful when you update soundbar and especially when you update sub and rear (powercycle sync before) .



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