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HW-Q70R soundbar & Q60R tv audio out of sync

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Bought this bundle of tv + soundbar expecting them to work together perfectly. Audio through the tv speakers is fine, but when through the soundbar the audio is delayed from the pictures. I’ve tried optical cable, hdmi and WiFi connections between them, and all suffer the same issue. None of the sync adjustments on either the tv or soundbar resolve it - they only delay the sound further, where I need to delay the pictures. I’ve tried hard reset on both devices, software updates. Any other suggestions? 

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Update: a bit more poking around on my Sky Q box and it appears the issue only occurs on channels with Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital+ audio.

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I'm having the exact same issue with this soundbar and my Q80R TV. Only happens when settings on my cable box or game consoles are set to DD.


I tried a factory reset on the TV which didn't do anything. Not sure how to even reset the soundbar (and if that will even help)

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After digging around some more, i confirmed the issue was with the original source device (in my case, the Sky satellite box), not the soundbar. It also only occurred on some channels - i guess only those that boradcast in DD. Searching a few forums identified a variety of TV / soundbar combinations of different makes & models, with the common component being the Sky box. I've also confirmed that using DVD and streaming directly from the TV have no sync issues.

Consensus from my searching was that the problem device manufacturer needs to up their game with DD audio, so that it synchronises correctly with the visual.

For now, i've just set my Sky box audio-out to normal and revised my expectations for content from that device. i'm still delighted with the TV & soundbar - it can only work as well as the devices connected to it.

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