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HW-N950 eARC update

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When can we expect an eARC update for the N950 Soundbar.


A review of the N850 back in February advised this was being worked on ?


‘At the time of review, the N850 only supports standard ARC (audio return channel) audio from TV ARC outputs, which means it can only take compressed Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Atmos feeds from your TV. However, Samsung tells me that it’s working on an eARC update for the soundbar that will enable transport of uncompressed “TrueHD” Dolby Atmos soundtracks from compatible TVs. But there’s no date yet on when this update might be rolled out.’



even on the Q90R from 2019, there is no eARC yet while many reviews site mentioned it already since last update. Seems like Samsung had been communicating this to many press magazines to make people buy this 2019 version...such a shame !


Still no updates :(

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Don't hold your breath regarding EArc

Just bought a Sony A9G Master Series and the sound bar will not work- I bought a LG C8 last year and had same issue and returned the TV but got stuck with this sound bar.

i won't buy Samsung again as they are not true to their word or honor.

5000.00 tv and a 2000.00 sound bar and I get TV sound only



Samsung you should be ashamed of taking people's money and not delivering what you say!!!!


Look folks, if you want to achieve something, you need to be loud. We need tech sites to write about this problem. For now, please spam all these Twitter accounts with following hashtags: #earcWithersGate #earcSamsungGate










@StephenWithers @Samsung @SamsungUS @SamsungUK @SamsungSupport @SamsungTV Where is the promised eARC support for 2019 TV's & Soundbar's top models? We feel cheated! #earcWithersGate #earcSamsungGate

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