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HW-N850 Won't Pair with SmartThings

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For my soundbar this works perfectly (Also HW-N850). but my TV stops at 39% so there seems to be something in this percentage that isn't exactly as it should be.


I have a Dutch Model combined with an S9+ (Dutch Model, non vendor locked). I hope this information might be useful for R&D

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Started all over again. Logged out of Samsung account, reinstalled the app. Updated firmware via USB to 1005. Shut down router, N950, powered up router, waited for network. Powered on N950, started the app. Now it asked me to allow the microphone to be used. Accepted, soundbar connected fine. Don't know what fixed it, but finally happy. The app is pretty useless anyway (can't even adjust rear speaker volume seperately) except for music over wifi. Looks like spotify can cast music to it but it must be simple wifi playback, works like a charm.

I was having the same issue until now. The Smartthings app earlier stopped at 39%. Now the app updated and it now instructs to click the volume - button on the soundbar during the wifi pairing. Maybe it needed this step earlier as well to prevent pairing without access to the device but the app, or support, did not give instructions. So I finally managed to get my HW-N960 connected to WiFi and the app.

Just updated the app to make sure I'm running the latest version - it now asks me to pick a room for the device when it's getting added, but it still fails in exactly the same place and doesn't ask me to press the volume controls at any point.


I was using the manual path of selecting AV -> Soundbar. Not the automatic detection. Not sure if it makes a difference but these two options of adding differed a bit in earlier app version.



Check on your phone->SmartThings app->supported devices list->AV... see if HW-N950 is listed there. If not try with other phone.. may be with Galaxy S9 or above.


It is listed there, and I don't have another phone.

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Have you tried having someone else set it up with their device?


Well I've just replaced my phone with a Huawei Honor 10 so I've now tested that and still no luck. It doesn't error this time, instead it just hangs at 39% forever. So slightly different behaviour, but same result.


EDIT: Ok, so it worked. Turns out that there was actually an Android permissions check prompt which I couldn't see. Switching between open apps and back to the Smartthings app forced the permissions request to the front for me to authorise. So there's clearly an issue with the app there. But even more concerning was what the request was for, the app was requesting permission to record audio - why?


My N950 did connect to the Smartthings app in the first time. I logged into my account, searched for the soundbar and it worked. The MS 650 needed the "wifi network" button.


But what can I do now? Yes, my n950 can now download fireware updates but for what is wifi else for? I cannot connect with my smartphone as a sound device (like with bluetooth or like adding a tv with wifi). With my MS650 Multiroom app I could use Amazon Music and a lot of streaming services - I can use the files on my iPhone too.. I also can make some more setting than with the remote or my q7 TV.. Now I can only use deezer and tune in where I have no accounts (yippie).. Did I miss anything on smartthings?


Smartthings is so inferior to the former multiroom app :(

Or could I use the multiroom app too?

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