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HW-MS550 Soundbar stuck in D.IN

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HW-MS550 is connected to QE75Q6FNAT and was working ok, connected by HDMI arc. Yesterday all power to house was turned off, on reinstating power I found that TV worked fine using its own speaker but the soundar was in D.IN source and will not move to any other source. Tried power on off etc , removed all cables to soundbar and held down various buttons on remote, held in + and - on side of soundbar , new HDMI cable...... nothing seems able to move soundbar to different source, just stuck on D.IN. Any help greatly appreciated!

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@pumplechump: If you press the Source button to the right of the volume buttons on the soundbard, or on the remote, are you able to switch to HDMI? If you disconnect the HDMI cable, switch on the soundbar and TV and then reconnect the cable in the HDMI ARC port of both devices, does 'TV ARC' appear in the display?
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nothing happens when pressing the source button just stays on D.IN.

Again when disconnecting the HDMI cable, repowering then reconnecting HDMI ARC port on  both devices , nothing happens, just stays on D.IN in soundbar display

AndrewL Moderator
@pumplechump: It may be the case that the power outage has caused an issue with the soundbar. Based on the nature of the fault I recommend visiting an authorised Samsung Support Centre to arrange for an engineer to inspect the device. To find your nearest one please check the link below, select 'TV&AV > Soundbar/Soundtower' and enter your post code.
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Sansung doesn't know how to fix it especially the authorized repair
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