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HW-M430 Soundbar defaults to

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I have a Samsung model UN50h6350 TV connected to a Samsung HW-M430. It is connected by an HDMI cable. When I turn the TV on the soundbar comes on and automatically the imput goes to I have to manually set the soundbar to HDMI from the soundbar remote. Five seconds later it defaults back to I again have to set it back to HDMI. When I turn on the TV the soundbar should recognize the HDMI connection and stay on HDMI. I sent the soundbar to one of Samsung's authorized repair centers who said they fixed it and sent it back to me. Well so much for the supposed of repair. It still switches by itself to until I manually change it. No one from Samsung seems to know how to fix this problem. There is no firmware upgrade. How is it that a company like Samsung has no solution to this problem. The only fix is to throw it in the barrel and buy a different brand.  Samsung you need to be better.

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