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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


I have regained full functionality with remote. I have to turn volume up to 50 before the surrounds kick in. They must not have gotten the memo about the change in volume levels from 0-50 to 0-100.


 DTS 5.1 still works when bluray player creates soundbar+2ch wi-fi but only matrixed multichannel when tv creates soundbar+2ch wi-fi.


 Volume levels are still 0-50 on multiroom app.

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I got an angry private message from admin and my post got removed after 30min. I responded right away with a polite answer, and still after 24h no response. I really think they focus om the wrong things....
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This has really pi##ed me right off. Why the hell did they have to update when there was faff all up with it. Now the Soundbars tinny as f#@k and the R1's are non-existent ... Not happy :(

Alright my MS650 just got an update (weird cause it's saturday) and it can now properly play DTS HD master audio 5.1 test file through TV, but only when connected via HDMI ARC (with wifi it's just fake surround). While I'm pretty sure it's probably not playing a real loseless track and only its regular DTS component hidden inside the stream, but it works and channels are discrete. 


Can't check it for k650 since I now have it on a wall in my bedroom and I don't have HDMI cable long enough to plug it to my ks8000


I k650 hdmi arc and tested dts hd ma speaker assignment and it did not play correctly although did get correct audio from lfe when previously nothing when testing dts through tv.


 Put Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them in bluray player because it has both dts hd ma and dolby true hd. Getting discrete multichannel from either track but oddly enough only dts neo 2:5 or pcm is available under tv's expert audio format settings.


 Soundbar shows tv arc and multiroom app shows and created surround automatically and can control volume with tv remote.


 I am assuming that bluray is playing discrete multichannel because I am not getting any tell tale left or right channel dialogue coming from surrounds.


For a 5.1 dts HD to work like it should i have to set DTS in the TV settings. If I set everything the same but use wifi instead of ARC the channels I get fake surround. 


It's kinds annoying that you have to switch from Dolby to DTS in TV settings every time, or else it won't play properly. 


I also noticed that rears are a bit more quiet after the update. MS650 volume doesn't scale linearly with R3s but they used to hit a perfect spot at volume of 50/100 (anything below 40 makes rears too quiet for my kinda big living room) and after that rears become louder then Soundbar and every one step makes huge difference. Now the perfect spot is at around 55/100.





I am not getting any option for dts or dolby digital when connected hdmi arc/ multichannel whether I toggle bluray audio from dolby true hd or dts hd ma. I have hdmi output set to bitstream and audio format the only options are either dts neo 2:5 or pcm. Not getting sound from surrounds if I select dts neo 2:5. Playing discretely if I select pcm. Again, I am assuming that it is playing discretely because I am not getting any tell tale left or righr channel dialogue coming from surrounds like happens with matrixed multichannel.


 If I set up soundbar+2ch wi-fi with tv and play fantastic beasts and where to find them I get dolby digital as an audio format option when I select dolby true hd option from movies audio format options. If I select the movies dts hd ma track I get dts as an option under tv's audio format options but it only plays as matrixed multichannel.


 If I setup soundbar+2ch wifi with bluray player only pcm is available under tv's audio format options but the movie plays discretely when either of the movies tracks are selected.


EDIT I had bluray player set to output PCM instead of bitstream unprocessed. Switched to bitstream unprocessed and am getting dolby digital/dts options on tv audio format. Only getting sound from surrounds when pcm for audio format. Not getting left or right channel dialogue from surrounds so assuming that it is playing discretely. Strange I know as you would expect that pcm would be downmixed to stereo through tv. I do know bluray player sends pcm directly to soundbar when it creates soundbar+2ch wifi. Maybe the audio return channel setup allows for some sort of bypass of the tv doing any processing.




I am starting to think Samsung hit a home run with this update if indeed hdmi arc/ multichannel functionality was it's purpose.


 Been testing hdmi arc/ multichannel with my cable box and it sounds really good. Previously only able to get just okay surround with cable box via optical cable but it never sounded as good as soundbar+2ch wi-fi from other sources. Was never able to get quality audio with surround setup through tv period.


 I suspect this update was primarily for hw-k850 owners. The 850 is the same as 950 without wireless atmos surrounds. Atmos only works with hdmi arc connection and 850 users couldn't get sound from radiant 360 surrounds with hdmi arc connection.

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My HDMI-ARC hasn't seemingly worked for a while. Despite having the leading plugged into the HDMI-ARC port of the television it won't allow me to select it as the input on the HW-K650 soundbar... :smileysad:


Did you try selecting hdmi hw-k650  in tv's sound settings? Unplug optical cable and select on multiroom app.

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