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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


thanks simon!


Madtuts, the problem is very clear with Frauhoffer test file


just put it on a pendrive or play from your tv


you can also use a multichannel sound file and play it directly via multiroom app from your phone


The outcome is the same, subwoofer is completly silent during center channel test


HI Peejay


I have finally managed to download and try the file you have been using as I couldn't get the link to work before. You are spot on. I get no sub support for the centre channel using that file. Having said that there is no sub support for the rears either.  It could just be that file that is not agreeing with the K650 as when using that file the difference in his voice is really noticeable. However, in a real world situation when listening to voice audio in movies I don't notice any difference even when it's panning around. Also in movies I get sub support for surround explosions. This is saying to me that it greatly depends on how the file is encoded.  Let's hope that Simon can mess about with an encoding that he has added sub support to the centre channel.  :-)  




Definitely getting sub support when Optimus speaks.


Same here. Have done optimus test and seems fine. But appreciate what's been said that this involves front left right channels also


I am not getting tinny sounds from centre channel when waiting tv/films and all seems OK.


I have noticed from months of testing that I seem to get a different result from every test file I have played, for the good and bad. 


I apologise for my lack of technical input but glad we have some guys who are experts here  

Well I'm 100% sure it's not only that file but everything that comes through center channel.

When I'm playing that file through ms650 everything sounds perfect. All channels sound the same.

As for rears i don't think they should get sub support, they have their own woofers.
I think the bass management for k650 is done internally in the soundbar (on top of just playing LFE channel through it) , and it's not a dolby issue. Active crossover splits the signal and sends low frequencies to the woofer, high frequencies to twitters etc. For some reason it doesn't do it for the center channel. It just sounds like the filter cuts everything below 100 Hz or so (Simon's test file will be very handy here)

Remove your rears and use only the soundbar. Play the file. Rear left and rear right commands now get a sub support, i guess it's because they are being played by left and right channel.
Now put the soundbar in MOVIE mode. Center channel test now gets a proper bass support because it bleeds to left and right channel.

As for real life content.
It is very noticeable with deep male voices. Watch any of 5.1 David Attenboroughs documentaries on Netflix in standard mode. Now switch to MOVIE mode. You will notice how drastic the change is.

Explosions are fine most of the time, because they aren't coming from the center channel, although doors being shut, gunfights etc often are and they sound just as bad.

Sorry to ask, but could someone please let me know how to factory reset the k650 sound Bar, sub and ks7000?




For HW-K650 switch soundbar to and while in standby mode, press and hold mute button for more than 5 seconds.


 For the tv, you need a universal remote. Turn the tv off and with universal remote programmed to change tv channels, press mute, mute, 1, 8, 2, power. Should bring up service menu after displaying smart tv screen.

Soundbar = press and hold + & - volume buttons

Sub = press the reset button in the small hole next to power lead input

Tv = not sure lol
Full reset of your TV is done through the support menu, but you can also do a hard restart by holding on/of button on the remote for a few seconds. Tv should display samsung SUHD tv logo while powering up.
Its very useful when Netflix or Amazon apps get stuck.

And yeah, Optimus speech sounds good because it's not going through the center channel only

Robb did you try that Frauhoffer file?

I did but to be honest I wasnt being so detailed in my assessment of the results as you guys........ Probably still on a high from the rear volume issue being fixed  

I will test again with the same file in the morning and report back taking a bit more time to be sure......... And hopefully keep up with you guys

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