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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


Thanks for updates


Right, firstly no magic fix from the engineer but I didn't think personally there would be. 


He has "samsung" reset everything and started from scratch; as stated before this goes much deeper than a "user" factory reset. He has access to a massive amount of additional settings and test routines with a special samsung service remote he has, and agree it would be great to have this level of access to the settings. 


He has observed and agreed the following issues:


* sound levels are unbalanced, with rears much lower than the soundbar even with soundbar to -6 and rears to +6. He utilised my test file and also his own test sequence to confirm this. 

Tested across wifi, hdmi and optical connections confirming same results as we have from our tests and the low rear volume when on hdmi/wifi. 


* powering off issues when TV switched off

* audio sync issues when on optical; it just so happened that after he reset and reconfigured, the audio sync issue was apparent and corrected with a power cycle and no adjustment to delay in settings. 


I have discussed the issues reported such as bleeding between front/rears, loss of settings when going through a power cycle etc, but I was unable to reproduce this at the time of his visit. 


Also stated we have varying TV models, and also the J Series soundbar is effected in the same way. 


Sorry I didn't give more live feedback but I was slightly consumed by watching his every move. I am not sure if he is a direct samsung employee........ He is dressed as one and has an intimate knowledge of the soundbar, R1 set up and was extremely proficient and did alot more than simply check the leads and basic settings. 


Interestingly he stated that this is the first time he has seen this issue first hand, but I have heard this before and may be a policy not to discuss. 


He has taken a raft of information regarding firmware versions, model numbers (alot of this from hidden menus), and will now confirm his findings back at the office and discuss with the main AV Team on Monday, and update me early next week (AV team not back in work until Monday). I habe reference number for the visit but I don't think I can share this on here due to Moderators. 


I will also now confirm this to head office via email and hope that this will now be the push that's needed to resolve what's hopefully the last of a plague of firmware issues. 


If I have missed anything pertinent please give me a shout as I may have discussed this but not included in the above. 


Sounds like a really positive visit, I had the vision of him turning up and miraculously the issues disappeared. 😀

I wish I had your optimism :smileyhappy:


I did worry that it would be me telling him how to adjust settings etc but it certainly wasn't the case. 


The guy has given me some confidence now this will be resolved as he has seen first hand, and has not tried to contest the issues we have at any point. 


Feeling quite positive. If one of there own engineers confirms the issue then they can't dispute it and as such need to fix it so that the goods are fit for purpose. I have started saving to upgrade to the atmos K950 version but wont spend out on it until they can get this issue fixed. Thanks so much for getting an engineer round to confirm our problems and woes. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for a real fix now. 



Thanks for arranging and taking so much time - you've helped us all and deserve all the badges available on this community page (I'm sure thats what you were really after all this time!)

Lol Love a badge but to be honest wanted a medal....... Huff will keep going
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Thanks for all your efforts, Robbienobs, Perhaps we are now a step closer to a solution.
Thanks for all the hard work!

Hi All, brand new to the community - for this issue specifically.


I have a UE55JU6800 (Firmware 1490), a K650 Soundbar (Firmware 3111) and 2 x R1's (Firmware 3112).


After many issues trying to setup (yesterday) I finally got all to work on Surround setting to work using HDMI ARC output on TV and D.IN input source on soundbar (which renames to M.CH (Multi Channel).


For users having issues setting up I found that a 2.4GHz WIFI channel worked and also TV Menu > Sound > Additional Settings > HDMI Audio Format > PCM helped. 


Now it is 'working' I too have found serious issues with audio distribution across the 5.1 setup. They are;


1. Poor vocal acoustics from K650 Soundbar when in surround mode - producing a muffled effect - other acoustic ranges appear normal. 


2. Poor bass acoustics across R1 surrounds when in surround mode.


I can see there is a large user base suffering with these issues.


Please confirm if what I have said above is the same as your issues?


Will be keeping an eye on this topic daily.


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