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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


Hi all, 


Samsung guy is coming at 09:00am UK time so you know. 


I will post results ASAP following his visit. 


Brilliant. Will look forward to hearing about it. 




Facebook live the event 😀 


You may not believe this it I don't use Facebook!

I know shock horror........ Is this man stuck in the dark ages you ask


Maybe he will be up for a selfy :smileyhappy:

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Good luck with the visit tomorrow. I'm sure our mission is in very good hands.
Thanks Nick0
I will try to post as the visit progresses

I'd bet it is our TV's firmware that is causing the problem. I'm on 1168.

When I output audio from my UBD-K8500 the rear speakers work fine in soundbar/surround mode.


Engineer arrived nice and early been here 20 mins. Has observed and agreed that rear volume is much lower than soundbar in hdmi/wifi mode than in optical mode. 


He is currently resetting everything...... Nothing I haven't done but he said he can do a deeper reset than I can through service menu. He needs to start here and work through the issues once reset is completed. 

Positive start, is he a Samsung employee.

Looking good so far. If only there was a engineers menu we could access to manually change the volumes. 

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