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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV

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Hm but....

Did we ever have someone trying the soundbar with a M3 or M5? Don´t thonk I ever read anything about it in this thread, and that might mean that it works fine with those ones? 


If I can make it all happen woth some already used M3s for maybe 500 sek each, about 50 Euros, that would be a pretty good solution...



Make sure that you dont have repeater mode enabled in the phones multiroom app.

Select advanced settings/network settings/tap one or the other r speakers 10 times and repeater mode toggle will show up. Make sure it is off for both r speakers. 


I think repeater mode is for people with large homes and many multiroom speakers that wan5 to listen to music throughout their home.


I tested repeater mode on and get no sound from my r1's as surrounds with repeater mode turned on.

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Never seen this setting before and can´t get the repeater mode toggle to show up in the app. 


But this will only make the volume go completely off or on? Or does it inpact the volume if you can hear the rears but you still think they are to low? 


I dont get any sound from surrounds when repeater mode is on. Had to turn it off then switch to tv speakers then back to soundbar+ surrounds.


 Repeater mode comes up when tapping one of my r1's in advanced settings>network settings.


I can confirm that my repeater settings were off. I just tapped on a speaker a bunch of times in the network settings and eventually the "hidden" repeater menu appeared.


Hi Guys,
First off, Happy New Year to all. (If you can ever be happy on a product support forum :smileyhappy

Following on from the previous post. As repeater mode is in a hidden menu I think it would be off unless you went in and changed it. See my post on page 100 on how to get to it.
I've got no idea what use it could be for but if you want to experiment with it then my advice would be...



I've got a couple of questions if anyone can help?

If like me you have auto update turned off (on everything) for fear of an unwanted update, I manually check every now and then so...
My TV is a UK ks8000, current firmware is 1201 and it reports that no updates are available. Samsung UK shows ver 1208.2 dated 15 Nov, 2017 is available. Is anyone on a version lower than 1208 and TV is not finding an update? Is anyone on 1208 with improvements/problems?

My R1's are on 3114.3 Samsung support site shows  R1 speaker firmware ver 3116.0 dated 29 Sep, 2017 is available. Has anyone updated to this?


My R1’s are on 3117, still crappy low volume in surround sound.


My post seems to have disappeared. If it doesn't come back on I'll try it again later rather than chance a double post.


I feel this a bit like Stephen King's IT, and it's now 27 years later - every now and again there is a new "hopeful" / victim. 


Anyone that reads this thread in the future - your firmare will not be updated, there is no good solution - please return your stuff to the shop. 




Not sure which is the reason, but the low volume on rear speakers when in surround mode has been fixed for me recently, either when I upgraded the R1 firmware to version 3117 (not published on website, but forcing an update from the app will trigger the update), or when I switched from a 5 GHz to a 2.4 GHz wifi connection.


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