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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


Hi all,


I bought the ms6500 soundbar with my 2017 samsung tv earlier this year.


I now want to have a 5.1 surround sound set-up. I am contemplating between purchasing the swa-9000s rear speakers or two R1 speakers instead and use them as the rears.


My preference would be for the 2xR1 option. Does anyone have this set up with ms6500 and does it work correctly giving true 5.1?


After reading this thread it's not clear to me whether the issues with using the R1s for a 5.1 setup have been resolved.


My ms6500 is currently connected to my tv via an optical cable.





I replied to you in the other thread
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Do we have anoither thread?

I had a Power black out and now the system tells me my DFS channel doesn´t suppport surround sound. Can´t remember witch channels are ok in a 5GHz network. Anyone?

Channels 36-48 are the non DFS ones. That is what works I beleive.

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Re: HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV

Haha. Well...

Apologies for the short reply. I was in my car and thought that a quick and short reply was better than a lengthy one that ended abruptly Smiley Happy


But the Wi-Fi channel is something set in your router. 

And if your router has both 5G (AC) and 2.4G then this is separate settings.

The soundbar and rears have proven issues if you use a channel for 5G outside the range of channel 36 to 48.

If you use 2.4ghz Wi-Fi then the channel used is of no problem.



Found it...! And I think it solved the problem. 


But, do we have another thread? Have not read much last couple of months, thougt the topic was dead. 

I think people have basically given up? I dunno. I am not on the latest update as others have mentioned they had issues with volume again. So far I have been happy with whatever version I am on currently. Would love to hear others chime in on how things have been these past few months.
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Okey. Peejay84 wrote something about "replied in the other thread".

Well my system still gives me nightmares. It was the last update that once again killed my rears volume. I can hear them if I stand just beside them, but from my couch it´s still not enough. So sad because it all wokred just fine for a while. Turned of auto updates now becuase the system dels with spotify ok and so on. Don´t even know if Samsung looks into the problem or if they think everything is solved, or maybe just don´t care anymore beacuse nobody cares to complain.

Do we know if it´s the same problem if you connect the soundbar to the M-series? Saw some cheap M3 and M5s on Facebook Marketplace and thought that might solve the problem. Then I can just move the other rears to upstairs and use them for Spotify and for the tv as ordinary speakers.

I gave up...   My R3's are still sitting there pretending to be surrounds but I never use them anymore. Every once in a while I'll group them up as sorounds just to see if anything has change but it never does. All it does is make the soundbar sound thin (very little base) with VERY quite suround sound. I always go back to soundbar only.  


Whenever i get enough energy I'll be replacing all this for something else.


Good to see the old gang back.

Not really sure if mine ever worked, mine are still sitting there looking pretty, but sometimes if i concerntrate really hard i catch snippet of sounds coming from my R1's.




Hi Guys!

Kilo, my other thread was about MS650 with R3's as surround. It has some other problems, like the volume isn't scaling with the soundbar up to 50/100 soundbar is louder and beyond 50 R's are louder. It can be adjusted via multiroom though. 

I was also asking about real DTS 5.1 working only via HDMI, and didn't get the answer from Samsung rep ( i also tested K650 and DTS 5.1 doesn't work with HDMI like MS650, rears just stay quiet). 


As with K650 voices sounding thin (no subwoofer support for center channel). They still didn't add it, but they bumped the center channel volume a little so it sounds better.  

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