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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


Mines working fine :-) with all latest updates on




2 x R1


Mine is still working fine since the last update but I do still need a hefty offset between the K650 and the R1s to balance it up.  Lip sync and wifi connection both fine.


KS7000 / K650 / 2xR1s all latest firmware


I think I may have solved my problem. I paired the two R1s as a stereo pair. Increased their volume using the + - physical buttons on one of them, then unpaired, setup in 5.1 mode, and hey presto, I have evenly balanced speakers again! 


Just need to test with some video sources now. 


I may have been a little premature. The rear speakers are still turning themselves down, even volume off completely on one occasion. I can send them some audio from my phone, turn them up on the phone, then reconnect in 5.1, but as soon as I send it some audio from tv (ARC) or WiFi from the phone, the rears turn themselves down again. 


A little update on my side. I moved K650 from the bedroom back to living room because something inside my MS650 started to resonate with its metal enclosure.... Service guy said it probably can't be fixed so I'm up for another Samsung : electric boogaloo ride I guess that's what happens when you put so much bass inside a metal enclosure.


Here's what I found with K650


1. Center channel still doesn't get any woofer support, voices sound tiny.

2. It won't play DTS 5.1 properly. With wifi it's fake surround, with HDMI rears are just silent. So I guess only MS650 got the update (it still only plays proper DTS 5.1 via HDMI)

3. Rear speaker volume with Dolby  via hdmi/wifi is perfect. Don't even have to put them to +6,+ 3 is enough and I have quite big living room. (DTS update to MS650 actually ruined ruined rear volume levels so I had to have Soundbar on - 6 and rears on +6 to get the good sound field).


It's  a neverending fun ride with Samsung. Honestly I wish I got myself a denon bar with wifi rear speakers.


Alright a small update. Looks like they did work on a center channel issue. It's still not sending the lower frequencies to the subwoofer but at least the filter isn't cutting them from the center channel. Voices sound a lot better, they still lack bass as such small speakers can't go very low, but the center channel is definitely receiving the full spectrum, so they did tune the crossover.
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Hey! Sorry for replying so late.


I can't try out Samsung's own SoundConnect feature as I have since a few months replaced it with a Sony Android TV as I was fed up with the Smart TV software of Samsung. So in that sense, I'm still using the K650 and two R1 as my surround system albeit over TV ARC.



My situation is pretty much the very same as yours! I never had too much trouble with the surround system. Albeit being a bit wonky with connection, the only negative was that I also had lip-sync issues which made gaming in surround too annoying for me as there was a very noticeable delay. So I resorted to just using it for watching movies as I can set up audio delay from there. However since the update, I noticed that it got better with the lip-sync but it's useless when the R1 surround speakers don't emit any sound or are very quiet. This happens on anything like Wi-Fi streaming (over app) or ARC.


I've tried all there is, using optical cable, using HDMI cable, group speakers to make it louder and then setup surround, factory reset twice, trying 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ (also DFS and non DFS channels) on two different routers, passthrough PCM, passthrough Dolby, passthrough DTS. But nothing helped so I'm really stuck with that and I haven't found any workarounds.


I'm in the same boat unfortunately. I have the k650 bar and two R1s and I'm at my wits end. I've tried every possible combination and haven't gotten anything from my rears. 


Guys, any luck with finding a solution with rears dropping down in volume when setting up the 5.1 surround system via the samsung multiroom app?


Tried HDMI ARC connection over wifi multi-channel, doesn't seem to work. Plus side is at least the speakers and soundbar turn off/on with TV control using ARC.


Thanks for any tips!



HW-K650 Soundbar

R6-WAM6500 Rears 

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Not really a solution, but I changed the volume balance levels so that the Soundbar is turned right down and the rears right up. This means that I can now at least hear the rears without being overpowered by the soundbar

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