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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV

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will give it a whirl later, thanks!
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Tried this, my TV has no option to connect to the speaker via HDMI, only WIFI or Optical, even with the optical cable disconnected.....


I'm back to the optical workaround, which seems to provide just about acceptable levels...


When you connect soundbar to tv hdmi arc you dont see HW-K650(HDMI) as an available speaker in tv sound settings?


 Anyway, select on soundbar and it should switch to tv arc.


1201.8 is out for tv. I updated but have yet to notice anything changed.

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Hey guys, I've been following this thread for a long time as I too had issues with soundbar + rear speaker connection being unreliable, having audio delays and what not.


After failing to make it work reliably some time ago, I retried to connect K650 with the R1 speakers over tha app on my iPad - after all we've had a firmware update that should fix most problems. I don't know why but this time I've now been hit with super low volume on rear speaker issue too. It doesn't matter if it's over TV ARC or optical, you have to put your ear on the speaker to hear anything.


It boggles my mind because before I had normal volumes with rear speakers. Now even with soundbar at -6 and speakers at +6 it's pretty useless.


Anybody have the same issue reappear again? Or does somebody have a fix for this?


Have you tried soundbar+2ch(wi-fi)?



I bought the speaker combo around Christmas and have followed this thread with interest despite not having the problems described (only real problem has been some lip syncing issues). I have an old Samsung tv so connection is always over the ARC channel as it does not have WiFi.


After the the recent round of firmware updates, I went to setup the speakers in 5.1 configuration using the app, and as soon as I linked the first speaker, it announced as usual “rear left” but so quietly I could barely hear it. My heart sank. After 8 months or so of decent performance, and Samsung finally seeming to have nailed it, I’ve become a victim of the dreaded bug that has plagued to many of you.


I’ve reset them, relinked them to the WiFi but no change.



So aside from Scott, has the update broken everyone's setup?

Mine is still working really well. 



Mine never got fixed in the first place.

The original update that "fixed the issue" never made much of a difference on my system. 

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