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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV


You have removed the optical cable as it was working ok for me before hand with the optical cable, just not over Wifi, When I connect with only Wifi now, I have surround and and only need to use one remote.

So all my Wifi issues seem resolved.


Hi all, 


This may or may not help others find solutions to connection issues via wifi especially if you have BT Smart hub, so worth posting in my opinion. 


I just reset my soundbars connection to my wifi accidentally via the control (by holding the repeat button down). Didn't know you could do this, but seems to be a few hidden features in the control when holding down buttons for a period. 


When I reconnected the soundbar to my wifi by simply using the add speaker function,  with some very random behaviour with visability of the speakers in TV menu and in the app.......... Same as others have reported with speakers missing, but also just sound coming from the rears and not the Soundbar, even though everything was grouped fine. 


I have now found the solution for my accidental issues; by resetting my router to factory settings and clearing the ip information for previously connected devices. I then also reset all the speakers and connected back to new WiFi, and also reconnected the TV to wifi but not resetting the TV. 


It's now all up and running as before just after update and working fine with good surround. Only issue I have is the Soundbar is not turning on with TV but hope to resolve this next. 


My thoughts are that even though your speakers didn't get accidentally reset like mine, it may be that there is an ip conflict in your router causing the connection issues............... Tried everything first ie. Setup through TV only, set up through app only etc and the only thing that worked for me was a router reset. 



When you adjust volume with tv remote is the tv display double what soundbar displays? 


I just pressed wi-fi setup on the soundbar and readded the soundbar with multiroom app and now I too am getting good sound from surrounds. 


 My tv currently displays the volume at 50 while the soundbar is displaying 25.

For me volumes match. Only difference is the volume only displays on soundbar when using soundbar control, and when using TV control it displays numbers/symbol on tv screen and volume + and - on the Soundbar.

For record when I set mine up I connected all speakers to wifi, then went into tv sound expert settings, wireless manager, Multiroom link settings and set it up from there.
Ran the sound test and saved. It then asked if I wanted to use the saved set up and then connects perfectly.

Didn't use the app

Using HW-K650 and KS8000 with 2 x R1 speakers 


Updated the soundbar and then turned all off at wall socket for 10 mins just to reload all equipment and I can now say it works as I would expect it to via wifi or TV ARC :-)


I have paired via the app and the TV and works a treat!


a BIG Thankyou to all the effort you have put in to this Robbie, in my eyes you are hero! I don't think this would have got fixed without your help




 Thanks Ian appreciated 


Glad your all sorted now as well.  

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Just returned home from holidays.


First, Robbie great job! Well done!


Sadly for me nothing has changed. To remind you, I'm on a HW-J650 which is the one year older than the HW-K650. But it does have the same issues. The firmware version has not changed. On the website it is still on 3111.3 from end of march. I tried WiFi with the Fraunhofer files but the sound bleeding is still there. And that's where I stopped :(


Anything I can do?


Robbie can you send an email to your high-profile contacts at Samsung about this? My setup and the firmware was part of the communication that was passed to them.


Frustrated :(


I would try doing an update via the multiroom app as I don't thunk the have updated the firmware on the website. 

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Tried it. Everything is up-to-date...


Hi Angelo,

Sorry to hear it's not resolved for you yet.

Have you tried downloading from site to USB and manually installing to latest update. Here is the link to the one for ours.......... It should work for yours


It is latest version on there. 


If not I can still email samsung if needed

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